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English<US$150 Rugged, hand-held auto sensing multimeter

I work on solar electricity when I travel to West Africa so I need something compact that can withstand the elements

derekreinhard 8 years ago

liad242 8 years ago Correct

This can be realy good for you.

Also this is cheaper:

derekreinhard 8 years ago
These are good choices with good reviews. Thanks.
novemberwoah 8 years ago
Price: $23.30 TENMA 72-7765 Pocket Size Digital Multimeter, 4000 Count, Autoranging with Transistor Test

or this one CRAFTSMAN $54.99 its in stock for shipping
tercoweb 8 years ago

Economico, compact and two uses. And 10 dolars.
derekreinhard 8 years ago
Sorry. I should have specified it needs to be in US/Canada to minimize shipping/customs cost. Thank you anyway!