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EnglishWhat's the statistical probability for the following occurrence

Hi all so I was playing a board game with 2 other friends. In the beginning of the game everyone must pick a card at random from 8 cards available on the table. (mage, archer, druid etc.) A week later with the cards being randomly shuffled. Each of us picked a card and it happened again to pick the same cards as last time. Thoughts and method used to find the probability?

PANAGOT 1 year ago
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itsmeHTv 1 year ago Correct
Probability of the first person to draw the card: 1/8
Probability of the second person to draw the card: 1/7
Probability of the third person to draw the card: 1/6

And probability of three people picking the same cards as last time is 1.
=> probability is: 1/8 * 1/7 *1/6 = 0.002976190476
PANAGOT 1 year ago
Wow, so pretty low probability, amazing that it happened. Thank you for the answer.
Arash 1 month ago
Tommy 1 year ago
Probability of Person 1 drawing one card is 1/8
Probability of Person 2 drawing one card is 1/7
Probability of Person 3 drawing one card is 1/6
The chance of the Event reoccuring (the same persons drawing tha same cards) is:
(1/8*1/8)+(1/7*1/7)+1/6*1/6=1/64 + 1/49+1/36 = 1/112896 = 0.0000088577
Aldo Colombo 1 year ago
Totally wrong Tommy, itsmeHTv answer is correct
PANAGOT 1 year ago
Will reward him now.
D.Helper 1 year ago
It’s cool that you can use crypto to get test answers now 🤔🤯