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EnglishWhat's the statistical probability for the following occurrence

Hi all so I was playing a board game with 2 other friends. In the beginning of the game everyone must pick a card at random from 8 cards available on the table. (mage, archer, druid etc.) A week later with the cards being randomly shuffled. Each of us picked a card and it happened again to pick the same cards as last time. Thoughts and method used to find the probability?

PANAGOT 11 months ago
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itsmeHTv 11 months ago Correct
Probability of the first person to draw the card: 1/8
Probability of the second person to draw the card: 1/7
Probability of the third person to draw the card: 1/6

And probability of three people picking the same cards as last time is 1.
=> probability is: 1/8 * 1/7 *1/6 = 0.002976190476
PANAGOT 11 months ago
Wow, so pretty low probability, amazing that it happened. Thank you for the answer.
Tommy 11 months ago
Probability of Person 1 drawing one card is 1/8
Probability of Person 2 drawing one card is 1/7
Probability of Person 3 drawing one card is 1/6
The chance of the Event reoccuring (the same persons drawing tha same cards) is:
(1/8*1/8)+(1/7*1/7)+1/6*1/6=1/64 + 1/49+1/36 = 1/112896 = 0.0000088577
Aldo Colombo 11 months ago
Totally wrong Tommy, itsmeHTv answer is correct
PANAGOT 11 months ago
Will reward him now.
D.Helper 11 months ago
It’s cool that you can use crypto to get test answers now 🤔🤯