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EnglishAnyone recognize what's that on top of this pilot helmet?

Some kind of censor that connects with the helicopter or a camera?

figureskaterx 11 months ago
  • Helmet
  • Pilot

NELSON DE FREYMAN 11 months ago
Yes guys this is a support for night vision goggles. You can found everywhere on the helmet of the soldier.
It help the pilote to fly during the night.
Daniele 11 months ago
yes i think a night visipn camera
Winston 11 months ago Correct
This is the attachment point for night vision goggles. The following image shows a helmet with night vision devices installed
figureskaterx 11 months ago
Yes, seems like it. Thanks for the link Winston .
Benjamin 11 months ago
Ivan 11 months ago
These are night vision mounts.
Alek2022 11 months ago
Camera for night vision magnification
benyamin 11 months ago
These are night vision mounts.
Miss Mike 11 months ago
This is a digital rangefinder mounted on a night vision goggle for the guns mounted on the helicopter.
Daniele 11 months ago
are like a nghit camera vision
prayash43 11 months ago
that is gopro
mihriban karaalioğlu 11 months ago
bu gece görüşü kamesası
Shahid Mumtaz 5 months ago
Night version gogle.