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EnglishLooking for a tool / website where you can check in which URLs you have staked NFTs.

Ideally one where it will work like this: You have staked X NFT it generates Y token. Thanks

PANAGOT 3 months ago
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ktheone 3 months ago is your friend mate. it'll help you keep track of your nfts on all networks.
ktheone 3 months ago
means all the urls you have staked nfts on
Adi Setiadi 3 months ago
Zapper, NFTbank and Debank, DYOR dude
Klevking 3 months ago
You can stake on
Ivan Ivanov 3 months ago also Just copy paste your wallet address and it will show all the tokens you own
muhammad hasan 3 months ago
NFTBANk is useful
Mario 3 months ago
chong 3 months ago
Doge Capital -
Splinterlands -
Muhammad Farqaleet Awan 3 months ago
Thanks me later⚡⚡⚡
MUSTAFA 2 months ago
Emmanuel Onoja 2 months ago will do that
Eric Ritter 2 months ago
Amine 2 months ago
To the moon
Tiam nadri 2 months ago
Nftbank can help you
Akccrypto 2 months ago
no it's the opposite Y Token we will generate x NFT
Fabio Suma 2 months ago
no, è il token Y opposto che genereremo x NFT
Leonel 2 months ago
You can track on the websites;
NFT Drops Calendar.
lenard 2 months ago
its Trading
Razi Ahmed 2 months ago
Harlington 2 months ago this site
buda 2 months ago
the best website I know for this is
broloc987 2 months ago
Splinterlands can be downloaded and played on android and os (i think).
pretty sweet
Ismil 1 month ago
You can track on the website.
Braiden 1 month ago
Zapper, NFTbank and Debank is what i use alot!
Majd 1 month ago
abed abderrahman 1 month ago
NFTBANk is useful
Jason Thornsberry 1 month ago
I prefer to use Zapper, Debank, or Onto wallet. You can use just about any web3 wallet GO wallet is another good option they offer over 50 different blockchains and shows all your assets, Defi, and NFT’s.
LB987 3 weeks ago
Rarity sniper search for it
Goncalo 2 weeks ago
each block chain will have their own way of checking.
Tatos 2 weeks ago
You can stake on
jaseee 2 weeks ago
NFT ,zerion -Zapper
samuel 2 weeks ago
how do you understand this project
dziunia171 2 weeks ago
Zapper, NFTbank and Debank, DYOR dude
BARMAN12 2 weeks ago
Zapper, NFTbank and Debank
Daniel 1 week ago, zapper, nftbank
Daniel 1 week ago, zapper, nftbank
[email protected] 1 week ago
NftBank é muito bom
nana 6 days ago
rayan 4 days ago
and you can use that website also (Splinterlands) :
eismaili 3 days ago