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EnglishWhat smartphone would you regard as the must to avoid screen capture & keyloggers?

Financial assets are really sensitive information that many would like access to it. Bank accounts, private keys, seed phrases etc. What smartphone would you recommend? Against specifically for keyloggers and screen capture.

ken90 11 months ago
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  • Screencapture

Kevin De Silva 11 months ago
I probably think iphone's are more secure than any android :)
Lourens Hugo 11 months ago
I would say iphone for sure their more secure than android.
John Downes 11 months ago
No Smartphone is entirely secure from keyloggers or hackers but if you were looking for extra layer of security an iPhone is probably your best bet. There is a good blog on security at
Here is a blog about how your phone can expose your data. I think the same goes for any device Android or iOS
Timboslice 11 months ago
Any phone is capable of being compromised. However, Apple seems to have more protection to the customer base than Android.
Maribelle Haddad 11 months ago
definitely an iPhone, unless Elon Musk creates a smartphone.
Rasheedat Usman 11 months ago
I think that all smartphones are at risk but you can try iPhone and Redmi
daniel john 11 months ago
Spyier – High customer satisfaction ratio in its user-base.
Akash 11 months ago
I would say iphone for sure their more secure &
Their is smart eco-system of Apple products,
you can create your account and save their pin & pass in cloud
because they are interconnected only you can axis your
cloud info anywere & anytime.
Subhramanya N Sadhwani 11 months ago
Either an iphone, or a google phone rooted with Graphene OS. If you want to know more about Graphene OS, you can refer the YouTube channel "The Hated One".
even 11 months ago
Le iPhone
priv13 11 months ago
Have you heard of Purism Librem phones? They run linux and security is their whole marketing ploy. Otherwise I would agree with others that iPhone is probably your best bet, since they are a lot tougher on allowing third party apps compared to android. Appdome(works with iOS and android apps) <-- is a service that allows for you to check if certain apps are malicious in such a way.
Ghostman 11 months ago
stay away from Cool pad for sure
zak wazir 11 months ago
Iphone with no doubt!
chuck645 11 months ago
iphone is a better option more security fitures and if you lose it noone can log in without your password
Terick Van der Westhuizen 11 months ago
IPhone is a bist more secure
den 11 months ago
Mostly all smartphones have a secured protection. Im using Android
Hadixp 11 months ago
Wael 11 months ago
Theres tons of methods that ppl use to hack or to get into someones phone , and most knowing one is ' phone spy '.
Such app can get access to everything in ur phone. Note : if u gave them permissing? in other words i think its kinda hard to broke into someones data. unless they are top tire hacker's and ur a specific target or something x), and u should probably use iphone in this case.
Sushil Monga 11 months ago
Iphone is more secure
Ibrahim Idris 11 months ago
iPhone is more secured than Android
Alfred John Mekkattukulam 11 months ago
iphone is secure than any android
there are no smartphones which is regard as must to avoid screen capture & keyloggers,
but the OS, IOS is the best to prevent keylogger and screen capture
Stark_med 11 months ago
I think u can get it at Alibaba. it would be cheaper and shipped to you directly
Tilak Sharma 11 months ago
Most probably iPhone are more secure.
Jatin Raj Sareen 11 months ago
Definately Iphone. Frankly Aplle Security System is far better than Androids.
jesse barruquin 11 months ago
Considering Apple has moved the digital encryption keys that secure iCloud data to China; this final step of moving user data to Chinese government-run servers simply cuts out whatever was left of the middleman(key loggers).I would not advise using any Apple products for this reason alone.
rayb 11 months ago
While we think iphone is secured from keyloggers it is not the best way is to detect them early or at least get a good antivirus on your phone..avoid clicking links you do not trust and pay attention to your phone if the battery start draining unnecessarily or overheating or making some noise or you notice some files u didnt download on your phone please take action
Chirag Gupta 11 months ago
I think you should use iPhone to avoid this. This will be beneficial for security.
larry 11 months ago
iphone 13pro max is best
lenny89 11 months ago
iphone very secure then anroid
fraco90 11 months ago
iphone for sure!
Gilang Saputra 11 months ago
In my opinion, no Smartphone is completely safe from keyloggers or hackers but I suggest using an Iphone, because I think it is safer specifically for keyloggers and screen capture.
Ancilla 11 months ago
Utilisez le smartphone de dtcion ou Samsung s10+
sagar 11 months ago
If new security come there is some way to break but the most secure as per me is the iPhone
wanghezi 11 months ago
sure be iphone...
Ceaser 11 months ago
What feature is that I've got sumsang a1
Ceaser 11 months ago
iphone would be better
Lubomir Serafimov 11 months ago Correct
Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 – Top-level security.
Sirin Labs Finney U1 – Best for crypto users.
Bittium Tough Mobile C – Best for private key management.
Purism Librem 5 – Best for maximum security.
Sirin Solarin – Best for preventing incoming threats.
ken90 10 months ago
Nice choices.
vasanthi 11 months ago
i think it would be iPhone which most secure iphone will detect any keylogger send alert to device
Natnael Mesfin 11 months ago
Definitely I Phones
ngu 11 months ago
An iPhone
Kyle Walker 11 months ago
i would think iphone
Ash_R 11 months ago
We can use any brand mobile as we want and for every bank accounts or saving there are definitely a two-factor authentication and everything its unavoidable, but the only way to stay away from malware is to stop installing any unimprotant apps in our mobile.
Zyad 11 months ago
Iphone has better security then any other smartphone
Md rafiqul islam 11 months ago
Data is not safe anyway when you are involve in internet with any kind of device.
Since technology is developing our life is going on unsafe.
So, some how need to trust anybody/tech to secure our personal info.
Android is open source, so it may not be secured if you are not over smart about knowledge of technology.
It may iphone is better then other platform.
Ojong Ashu 11 months ago
Mi think redmi is the best for this purpose
Ojong Ashu 11 months ago
Mi think redmi is the best for this purpose
Wisdom Johnny 11 months ago
For its an iphone
Wisdom Johnny 11 months ago
For me it's an iPhone
hassan 11 months ago
first ios next android. But I prefer paper :)))
karallame 11 months ago
xiaomi redimi note 8
cadaj 11 months ago
I would say Iphone for sure their more secure than android.
Miles 11 months ago
Definitely iPhone
Adianez 11 months ago
All smartphones allow screencaptures and keyloggers but the one that provides you with the most security and data protection is the iPhone