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EnglishIs there any similar video in the western world of people fainting like in China that triggered the panic worldwide?

Similar to this but in western world, U.S , Europe, Japan, Africa.

figureskaterx 11 months ago
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frank martinez 11 months ago
information about the world health organization 8 feb 2020 people fainted or died from the coronavirus COVID-19
davoud 11 months ago
Fake videos to scare people in Russia of coronary heart disease
figureskaterx 11 months ago
Think so too, psychological operation. That's why I am asking...
davoud 11 months ago
shuqie 11 months ago
It's fake news do not worry
figureskaterx 11 months ago
The whole world was worried because of these videos that triggered the hysteria
Johnson 11 months ago
this video is fake
moinakguha88 11 months ago
its a fake video got viral
Miss Mike 11 months ago
Nope, afraid not. But the Chinese video of people scrambling to stock on food as the Chinese President Xi told them to could only remind me of centuries of starvation in China as depicted in a novel by Pearl S. Buck.
figureskaterx 11 months ago
Novel seems interesting. will have a look.
ayeni micheal 11 months ago
it is fake vedio
John 11 months ago Correct
Check the date this video was in 2020. During the start of the pandemic these videos of people dropping like birds where filmed in china. They are not real, pure propaganda. To the best of my knowledge they did not happen anywhere else in the world.
figureskaterx 11 months ago
That's what I am thinking. Oh man. the whole western world got played.
srenk 11 months ago
ya itu bisa saja terjadi di negara manapun
Sophie 11 months ago
no, it's a fake video to create panic during the pandemic
N20 11 months ago
Of course, there are videos of people fainting day in day out but as to whether that has the ability to cause panic is the question. Am saying this because not all people have the same medical problem so it's not quite certain if that should really cause panic
LUJAIN_MZ 11 months ago
Fake videos to scare people in the world
Dakota 11 months ago
The only thing I can find is this
pankaj 11 months ago
It's is Fake videos to scare people in Russia of coronary heart disease
AntMan$$ 11 months ago
reports of the same incidents have occurred. now knowing whether there are related is not left up to a agreement or judgment.
adewumiferanmipeter 11 months ago
I have not come across any similar video in the Western world of people fainting like in China that triggered the panic worldwide.
figureskaterx 11 months ago
Me neither, that's why I putted this question.
HOUNMENOU Idriss Steve 11 months ago
Cette vidéo, n'est juste que dû pure exagération. Le Coton est un virus et non ne maladie qui fait évanouie. De toute façon,il n'y a pas autre vidéo pareille
CandaE 11 months ago
cannot affirm the existence of a possible video of the genre, as I have not had any contact
Okpara henry 11 months ago
7 Dec. 2021, a video of a Chinese girl collapsed after giving a covid-19 vicine
Lourens Hugo 11 months ago
No,there is will not be such videos cause this stuff is censored. Fake News.