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Kaz 2 days ago

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Cid Ster 2 days ago
Well the fun idea behind it sounds interesting, If the product goes on nft I think U realy can sell it!
Shourya sarkar 1 day ago
Good Morning sir your site is a doing good. You have pretty good interface. And its a very good idea to make use of cryptocurrencies like BNB and Bitcoin .I would suggest a few things -
a) promote your website-it will increase your traffic so you chances of getting paid
b)offer good customer service-this will greatly help you in your business.
I hope that the above two points will greatly help you
Thank you
Have a good day sir
gc 1 day ago
Nice site, It is of course my first visit here
ayat 1 day ago
first of all, you are limiting yourself to Obama's fans the name it's not Inclusive
so, you lose a grate portion of followers. web designs and graphics are not up to the task especially the gems you have put in the header I think no two color should be the same. you should hire a psychologist to choose the colors. it doesn't take much time for a person to make up their mind abut something so the first glance should be perfect. Concentrate more on the emotional effects people are rarely logical.
Cyan 1 day ago
The web have like 10 memes in it
mark joseph capicio 1 day ago
i will for fun and of course it's for the FPOTUS.
Aman Halani 1 day ago
no this was not good enough it can use a few changes and surly be good if done well
M00s33 1 day ago
Holy crap! LOL!! That's definitely one i haven't heard yet. definitely need to incorporate NFTs or some kind of play-to-earn mechanics (possibly even it's own coin) at least. Then all you need is the right marketing strategy and insta -win!
Manuel 1 day ago
The idea is good, it just looks for the right way to hook people, it does it in a certain way with all the flashiness that resonates, but of course it will go to a certain number of people, I support you.
Robin 21 hours ago
No your site is rubbish it's some improvement
Lucabay 15 hours ago
I quite like it to be honest
Michael karaki 13 hours ago
well its quite nice, but limiting your audience to Obama's fans isn't good enough maybe if the character was someones more famous and lovable than Obama would be better
Abhin 10 hours ago
I think the second sentence has some grammar mistake in it. I think this site looks better if you correct it.
mehdi 7 hours ago
1. Using Obama's image limits your audience and suggests that my audience is only Obama's fans. And personal views and interests enter into a public issue.
2- Using a white background that can better display colored backgrounds
Utibeima 5 hours ago
Well, it is a great idea, very colorful. My only problem would be the marketing, if you could promote it very well, I think it could sell.
mahmoudzayed 4 hours ago
The best mart I acquired from the site
Aleksey 1 hour ago
As to me, I've never invest any money for this and the same progects. It dummy pictures