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EnglishWhat kind of information would you liked to know to place a bet on a football match?

Say that you are interested on reading articles on sports website. What would you consider a good information in order to place a bet on a match / team?

filipazi00 2 years ago
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  • Football

Ilir Revuqi 2 years ago
If my favorite Team have to play in a Championsleague match or another Tournament.
Rolando Creo 2 years ago
recently statistics of the teams, and informations on injuries
Dallenad 2 years ago
I actually follow a guy who posts the bets he actually placed 7 hours before the match. Then after the match, either he makes a celebration post, or an observation of what went missing in order to have won it.
filipazi00 2 years ago
haha, what are his %?
Ivan 2 years ago
Слежу за коофицентом
Ted Amador 2 years ago
The winrate of the team and their overall performance should be considered as good info.
Jeelani 2 years ago
Check the statistics, consider how many home wins and away wins and usually after 3 consequitive wins, a team tends to draw or loose.
burak tasdemir 2 years ago
It will be nice if the statistics of the teams to be bet on are written in detail.
Sanni Gbolahan 2 years ago
recently statistics of the teams
xuccessful 2 years ago
You need to first have a detailed analysis of both teams then you make predictions based on the statistics of them and also the form of the team.
Also you should the consider the starting lineup and the intensity of the match
DrangBrang 2 years ago
Im a user of etc... I made a bot to make the best guess to win bets. (3 win 2 loss 5 total)
Soner Polat 2 years ago
Takımların iç saha ve deplasman forumları ayrıca takımda bulunan sakat ve cezalı oyuncu durumlarını göz önünde bulundurmak gerekir
sam 2 years ago
ayat 2 years ago
You need to have a detailed analysis of both teams statistics and a prediction and an analysis of the sites previous predictions. professional's comments on the upcoming game . more successful u are in predictions more will follow. a general explanation abut rules of the game if a nub wants to start and doesn't know .pleyers family drama could affect performance . plus a simplified explanation abut how the site's bot comes to a conclusion.
Cyan 2 years ago
Recently score of the team of course
Raphaël 2 years ago
Most recent statistics of both teams that are going head to head.
Raphaël 2 years ago
Most recent statistics of both teams that are going head to head.
mark joseph capicio 2 years ago
health conditions of playersz and statistics from past games
Powerful01 2 years ago
Their position on the league table, previous scores and the outstanding match.
donog 2 years ago
I will check the odds, also the head to head to know the possibility of winning.
Michael karaki 2 years ago
you would need to know all the players and who they are up against, their tactics , the teams history and so on
donog 2 years ago
checking the odds and the head to head to know the probability of a particular to win or loose, before placing a bet.
solomon fei 2 years ago
Please, I believe football nowadays has really changed. So I prefer checking at least the last 5 to 10 matches of the teams before placing your bet. Thanks
Fer 2 years ago
Las estadísticas de los últimos partidos de cada equipo
Abhin 2 years ago
1) Overall Team Performance.
2) Health condition of the players in the past games.
3) Winrate of the team in the past few matches.

I think these are the main things you need to check before bidding in a game. (It includes all games)
We can't just be correct always because luck also plays a major role in these sort of things.
Aleksey 2 years ago
Перед тем, как сделать ставку на событие, анализирую статистику за полгода игры команды, обращая больше внимание на игры в таком же составе. также большое значение имеет место игры и количественное и качественное соотношение болельщиков на трибуне. Так же, стараюсь прочитать несколько мнений публичных профессионалов комментаторов, проанализировать прогнозы некоторых компаний по приему ставок на спорт. и тд
ESIJOOON 2 years ago
من یک تحلیل گر فوتبال هستم
mustafa0234 2 years ago
takımın performansını bilmek isterdim.
moe 2 years ago
Everything will be useful, for example, the results of previous matches, player ratings, the psychological state of players, and injuries
moe 2 years ago
Everything will be useful, for example, the results of previous matches, player ratings, the psychological state of players, and injuries
Lina Leary 2 years ago
1.The name and level of experience of the people assigned to key roles such as the coach, the goal keeper, the defence, etc.
2.How risk-averse those key players are.
3.If any of the main players are recently injured or recovered.
4.If the game is set in a consecutive set of game which may increase the pressure on the players.
5. Condition of the weather on the day of the game
JAYAS 2 years ago
Team vs Team Statistics and player statistics of past 1 year
Puga 2 years ago
I'll go to the team that are team up for years. For sure, teamwork is attained and winning is on the path.
valsor 2 years ago
about who will 100% win)
Apo 2 years ago
Maçın nerde oynanacagı maçtaki uyumlu futbolcular
mustafa 2 years ago
Make sure you know the overall performance of the both teams and achievements of the past matches
Sarto94 2 years ago
The starting players, the injured players and the history of the clashes
John Downes 2 years ago
For Football for example you need to watch a lot of matches. Study the players , teams and managers form and the results. The only way to win is bet big against the odds but you will lose more times than you win. That is how bookmakers work. Same methods for horseracing. Know the jockeys the trainers and the owners. Know the weather conditions and the ground.
Antonis Dimitrakis 2 years ago
Definitely will check for both teams updates on their roster for the upcoming match and also check their odds for any suspicious numbers on them
nima 2 years ago
teams most recent statistics
Nomy 2 years ago
I personally recommend you to look at past games of both teams and to look for a pattern, like what made the team lose? maybe they aren't as fast as the other team or maybe it was the hot weather they can't handle, you need to collect every piece of information you can get and then make an educated guess, once you have an educated guess I think that the best thing you can do is to do not place the bet because you need to see if your method of betting is accurate enough, after a few time when you find out that your success rate is high its time to start betting(its important that you start with small amounts of money because you don't want to lose all of your money at the first few times). Good luck
alireza 2 years ago Correct
There are two real options for betting on football matches. First, experience and knowledge of football, being a spectator of matches is not enough. You must be a professional football follower. When you enter the betting site and look at the options, each of the second team players and their previous playing history unknowingly pass through your mind. So you have to choose one or two football leagues as the main base and zoom in on them, the option The second is luck, how lucky you are, of course do not worry if you think that there are many techniques to increase luck, it may seem a little scam but the main point in our definition of luck for ourselves We define, or rather put in our minds, to put this definition from childhood in the home and school environment and society, the definitions that we have heard from various issues, we believe. I do not want to open a psychology class and study social phenomena. .Valley The two options of cognition and experience and chance each form fifty percent. To increase and find cognition and experience, like luck, there are techniques to increase. Is ?! later
filipazi00 2 years ago
Yes. Nice answer.
Eric 2 years ago
récemment les statistiques des équipes. Cool
Umba 2 years ago
would like to know results of past 10 matches and players health
DONALD IYKE 2 years ago
The information I need to be able to place a good bet is for me to know the teams involved and the odds at stake, that is what will determine my position. Also I will be able to make use of the previous matches of each individual team to understand their current capacity and power of delivery prior to the match which I want to bet on.
Hussein mehsen 2 years ago
That the players i 5think they're the best are playing. And in good condition
ramazan 2 years ago
I have always been football in my life and frankly, I am someone who plays the score and the first half match result and I will help you in every way, as long as it is football. If it's true, I'm waiting for you to throw a wallet, my gift paribu Teknoloji A.Ş iban TR 030001002646810794415005
dabnizzy710 2 years ago
Team stats & player stats
Dimitris Dimitriou 2 years ago
H2H info about teams
Goals Avg
Corner Avg
Cards avg
Any missing players which are important
Yung Jin 2 years ago
Its best to check the statistics of the both teams.. Their head to head and current form are all in the statistics. The match lineups and subs is also very important..
William 2 years ago
Obviously the team roster,. Player stats. The season track record, location of the game and the coaching style of the coach /coordinators . Combine these and you will be be able to produce safer bets.
weather 2 years ago
stats of win and lose, games played, line-ups
Brian Rios 2 years ago
Recent injuries even minor ones listed from most sever to less severe. Speed of players and different stats on stamina.
adolphhall 2 years ago
That they be elite teams, in order to have a good amount of audience.
Lourens Hugo 2 years ago
Good information would be looking up the teams score history over the years to know which team is gona win and by how far so that you can bet on the winning team and get the correct score.
saeedd007 2 years ago
the games in the past of two teams.who won more than other and so on.
Peniel 2 years ago
If the statistics are in details
Bjar 2 years ago
Of course, the statistics of the past matches and the status and quality of the players playing in the game.
inno3440 2 years ago
if my favorite player is on the team that's going to play that day.
Charles Raphael 2 years ago
I love the risk so I don't care about informations I just play if I win that's good if I don't I'll just try again.
HOUNMENOU Idriss Steve 2 years ago
L'information nécessaire pour gagner un pari est tout d'abord la connaissance des statistiques global de chaque joueurs, de chaque l'équipes et ensuite connaître les capacités de chaque joueurs sur un terrain donné
Tunde wire 2 years ago
The team’s history and performances
Tunde wire 2 years ago
The team’s history and performances
Glenda 2 years ago
Statistics and there last five matches head to head
Husnain 2 years ago
I will bet for FCB against real madrid
KWEDJARTEY88 2 years ago
When my favorite club fc Barcelona is competing live in any league matches.
Lawrence Mokpai 2 years ago
I will look at the head to head performance of both teams and present injury situation of both teams. They key players availability.
tolgadevrim 2 years ago
the performances of the teams at that time and the injury status of the players
Veronica Bryan 2 years ago
Number of matches played by a particular team and won, the last two matches played maybe they won
Stephen 2 years ago
The current strength of the two teams and the past record if any!