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EnglishWhat kind of information would you liked to know to place a bet on a football match?

Say that you are interested on reading articles on sports website. What would you consider a good information in order to place a bet on a match / team?

filipazi00 3 days ago
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Ilir Revuqi 3 days ago
If my favorite Team have to play in a Championsleague match or another Tournament.
Rolando Creo 3 days ago
recently statistics of the teams, and informations on injuries
Dallenad 3 days ago
I actually follow a guy who posts the bets he actually placed 7 hours before the match. Then after the match, either he makes a celebration post, or an observation of what went missing in order to have won it.
Ivan 2 days ago
Слежу за коофицентом
Ted Amador 2 days ago
The winrate of the team and their overall performance should be considered as good info.
Jeelani 2 days ago
Check the statistics, consider how many home wins and away wins and usually after 3 consequitive wins, a team tends to draw or loose.
burak tasdemir 2 days ago
It will be nice if the statistics of the teams to be bet on are written in detail.
Sanni Gbolahan 2 days ago
recently statistics of the teams
xuccessful 2 days ago
You need to first have a detailed analysis of both teams then you make predictions based on the statistics of them and also the form of the team.
Also you should the consider the starting lineup and the intensity of the match
DrangBrang 2 days ago
Im a user of etc... I made a bot to make the best guess to win bets. (3 win 2 loss 5 total)
Soner Polat 2 days ago
Takımların iç saha ve deplasman forumları ayrıca takımda bulunan sakat ve cezalı oyuncu durumlarını göz önünde bulundurmak gerekir
sam 1 day ago
ayat 1 day ago
You need to have a detailed analysis of both teams statistics and a prediction and an analysis of the sites previous predictions. professional's comments on the upcoming game . more successful u are in predictions more will follow. a general explanation abut rules of the game if a nub wants to start and doesn't know .pleyers family drama could affect performance . plus a simplified explanation abut how the site's bot comes to a conclusion.
Cyan 1 day ago
Recently score of the team of course
Raphaël 1 day ago
Most recent statistics of both teams that are going head to head.
Raphaël 1 day ago
Most recent statistics of both teams that are going head to head.
mark joseph capicio 1 day ago
health conditions of playersz and statistics from past games
Powerful01 1 day ago
Their position on the league table, previous scores and the outstanding match.
donog 15 hours ago
I will check the odds, also the head to head to know the possibility of winning.
Michael karaki 13 hours ago
you would need to know all the players and who they are up against, their tactics , the teams history and so on
donog 13 hours ago
checking the odds and the head to head to know the probability of a particular to win or loose, before placing a bet.
solomon fei 11 hours ago
Please, I believe football nowadays has really changed. So I prefer checking at least the last 5 to 10 matches of the teams before placing your bet. Thanks
Fer 10 hours ago
Las estadísticas de los últimos partidos de cada equipo
Abhin 10 hours ago
1) Overall Team Performance.
2) Health condition of the players in the past games.
3) Winrate of the team in the past few matches.

I think these are the main things you need to check before bidding in a game. (It includes all games)
We can't just be correct always because luck also plays a major role in these sort of things.
Aleksey 25 minutes ago
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