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EnglishCan you give me good ideas to promote my new football website?

I have been running it for 2 weeks now, averaging about 10 daily visits per day. Not good but hey not bad also :D is the website. I talk about football games and some recommendations on which teams I think will win so they can bet. Any feedback on what I could possibly do would be welcomed. Haven't made a Facebook page yet, but I am planning on creating on there too. Thanks

filipazi00 2 years ago
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Rolando Creo 2 years ago
Concentrate on a famouse competition like Champions League and Europa Leage, concentrate on mainstream news to have more visibility
Baku333 2 years ago
Cross Platform connection is key. While Facebook makes sense I would look into Instagram and so one. Post engaging clips that tease your content :)
Dallenad 2 years ago Correct
Without spending on marketing? Try opening not only a Facebook page, but a Twitter and Instagram account to reach different audiences. Try looking around Quora and see whether people have an interest in what your website can offer. If you have the time and the means, you may also consider uploading TikTok videos and YouTube shorts promoting your site.
Not sure if you're using a CMS, but there used to be tools to manage the keywords and length of content that would make an article relevant for web crawlers. You might look into that as well.
Guest posting is another option. Look for a blogger that would agree to have a guest post of yours on their site, with the respective links to yours.
Daniel Argus 2 years ago
There are always people looking for everything related to football. Facebook is great but you should go for Twitter and Instagram as well.
Try to surf on the hype, instead of trying to reach people, make they come to you, Champions League, PL, Messi, Cristiano... everything that mobilize fans; also cover the latest news, cover draws and awards etc...
2022 will be rich, Worl.d Cup is right at our corner, just go for it
Jeelani 2 years ago
first of all your background should shows the pictures of few football celebrities and secondly advertising on all social media like fbook, instagram etc... The title of your advertissement should be Best football tips or latest sports news ..etc
Spino 2 years ago
Publier des clip sur tik tok, insta ,tweeter et dites a vos abonnés et connaissance de faire le max de partage
Spino 2 years ago
Faire la publicité sur , WhatsApp, tweeter, insta. Et se concentrer sur des compétitions précises comme les leags ou la can
xuccessful 2 years ago
Firstly you need to publicize your idea to your target audience by posting it on your socials
They you should take opportunity of famous competitions like World Cup, champions league, etc to promote your brand.
But most important of all make your website appealing to your target audience
website promoter 2 years ago
Are you looking for ways to promote your sports business? Raising awareness of your football game or sports team is tricky on a limited budget. But it IS possible with smart marketing tactics and a few powerful tools.

In this article, we share the best sports marketing promotion ideas to take inspiration from. And we detail examples of how you can use smart tactics in your own sports marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Run a Sporting Contest or Giveaway
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Offering a prize draw raises anticipation, which helps you get more entries. And sharing your contest on social media platforms helps improve your reach.

For example, the NBA teamed up with the Warrior’s sponsor Lucky California to sponsor a giveaway for 2 sideline seats to the Warriors-Lakers game. To enter, participants had to enter their name, email address, phone number, and opt-in for email updates.
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Retarget Contest Participants with Relevant Ads
Display advertising plays a huge role in attracting website visitors. They work by serving ads to people who’ve already visited your site. So it’s a smart move to use this tactic with your sports marketing and promotions.

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The success tracking option lets you add retargeting pixels to your contest.
website promoter 2 years ago
You most have all social media platform to make your online presence and have interaction with fans to build trust for promotion you can contact this or use free way of promoting it by using facebook groups, whatsapp groups and many more
ayat 2 years ago
Use the best betting sites statistics as your prediction. These sites are only thinking abut profit as the game progress betting margin changes and big football teams sometimes misuse their power for money like
Real Madrid - Getafe. Match result ore at least a link to the results . respect all teams use positive words to describe what's going on negativity will cost u . . it doesn't take much time for a person to make up their mind abut something so the first glance at your site should be perfect. and so on . Starting such a task is easy perfecting it not so much needs love patens and help .
Cyan 2 years ago
Try spend some money to advertise the web, you gonna earn double the money u have paid for
mark joseph capicio 2 years ago
fund something like crypto or fiats then have something like paid to interact system and dont forget to promote and advertise
Nicolas 2 years ago
Hi dude,
Mi suggestion is that you should became a youtuber . Try to build an attractive YouTube channel. That's the best way.
Good luck
elmouss 2 years ago
Make publicity
mehdi 2 years ago
You have to create a bridge between social networks and your website. In fact, you have to increase your activity in social networks, and if you post something, you can also put it in those networks, and in order to accelerate to achieve the result by spending money on Advertise football social groups and have an application for this purpose to provide regular users for your site.
Aleksey 2 years ago
На данный момент без канала в telegram не обойтись, это хайповый мессенджер сейчас и начать с него мне кажется, было бы правильно. В зависимости от аудитории, которую можно узнать в ленте вашего канала или вашего тематического чата, понимать и делать контент для своей аудитории.
khalidbarb 2 years ago
Post betting predictions