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EnglishPlease find me the cheapest shared hosting i can buy with Bitcoin

Faucet Btc 8 years ago
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PKlife 8 years ago
You can buy hustlehost
pr0wl3r 8 years ago
It depends on what you're trying to host. I'd look at this list:
Olle_Risk 8 years ago
It mostly depends on what you want to host, at Vultr for instance you can get a pretty good root VPS to host literally anything and they accept bitcoins as payment:

99Stack is a new shared solution that mainly host game servers but they do host other stuff too on their shared plans and you can pay it all with bitcoin.

Last tho I would recommend google terms like "host accepting bitcoins" and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for, good luck.
terbeest 8 years ago Correct

It's pay as you use, so costs can be extremely low per month (and they accept bitcoin).