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EnglishFind the word in this article for a reward!

1. Go to this web address 2. Find the fifth word in the third paragraph of this article. 3. Count the letters in that word, then multiply that number by 5. 4. Multiply that number by 1/5 5. Find the word that you found in step 2 again 6. Read back however many words that are equal to the answer you got in step 4 7. Comment the word that you arrived at. First one to answer correctly gets the reward!

bubbsandbubbs3 9 years ago

MattCain 9 years ago Correct
Hey bubbsandbubbs3! The third paragraph is "Here is a list of some of the best paid-to-click Bitcoin sites out there." The fifth word of this is "of" which consists of two letters. 2*5*(1/5) = (2*5)/5 = 2. Two words back from the fifth word is "a".

So my answer is: "a".

Hope this is what you were looking for! Have a great weekend.