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EnglishHow to get rid of a screw like this?

Tell me what kind of screwdriver you use for this kind of screw and where can I buy it?

KonstantinosKostoulas 2 weeks ago

dphilippe 2 weeks ago
use an allen key
Alexis 2 weeks ago
usar una llave allen
denishnguyen 2 weeks ago
workshop menternan
actodi 2 weeks ago
Take a mini drilltool like a dremel and slice a single cut in the screw. Then use a flathead screwdriver to get it out.
actodi 2 weeks ago
Allen key. Or Imbus if you are Dutch
Craximus 2 weeks ago
u can get this type of screw head from amazon. find screw set with 100+ screw head
pino69 2 weeks ago
Allen key
Jamig, James Ivan A. 2 weeks ago
Try to use a drill and a screw.
Khalid 2 weeks ago
Allen key would work
PlagueDoctor 2 weeks ago Correct
Hello, I think the screw is a torx screw, the torx screws have the special feature are star shaped. To remove its screws, you need a special screwdriver like this one on amazon: torx + screwdriver & qid = 1630833160 & sr = 8-9

but you can also buy it from a hardware store.

Here is the Wikipedia page for torx screws if you need more info:
jacko 2 weeks ago
star skrewdriver
Filip 2 weeks ago
Use Allen Wrench
Renaud 2 weeks ago
Workshop menternan