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EnglishLooking for NFTs on BCH like Fluf World and crypto punks.

Any plans on working on a similar project on Bitcoin Cash? Seems like they are doing great and attracting a lot of people. If you have any idea of a project let me know. Must be as cool as Fluf World or crypto punks.

bchmfers 10 months ago
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  • Crypto
  • Bitcoincash
  • Bch
  • Fluf World
  • Crypto Punks

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iul7 10 months ago
so i found a few websites .

hope this helped
waimoeaung 10 months ago
social rabbit
clent 10 months ago
I like the answer of iul7
wallstreetWOOKS 10 months ago
Have you heard of SLPswap?
Pokpok34 10 months ago
aavegotchi or smolsies
Entrepreneurlife 10 months ago
Uca Ermawan 10 months ago
Sickrover maybe
Paige 10 months ago take a look here in this link try out this one too.

Sorry for the trouble - this might be a ruby 3.x non-backwards-compatibility issue. I currently run on ruby 2.7. If you can downgrade to 2.7.x and retry.

Sorry for now I have no ruby 3.x installed for testing. You can try this script to verify if the read_csv is causing the trouble:

require 'csvreader'

def read_csv( path ) path )

recs = read_csv( './no1/dodge.csv' )
puts " #{recs.size} punk(s)"
#=> 25 records
If it gives you the same error than sorry it looks like it's not working with the latest ruby 3.x series.
widmo11 10 months ago
social rabbit
Ankush 10 months ago
I know some sites of mine cyrpto
Entrepreneurlife 10 months ago*94_kHDeJ3cu9QQiAeRqzLw.png
sindi 9 months ago
I read through various sites and crossed it down to this.
Otis,unicly,fractional and daofi.
Nirontor 9 months ago
found a few websites .
it'll help u
Mctofa 9 months ago
So great features
Mctofa 9 months ago
So great features
charmie 8 months ago
biutiful rubbit
maurick 8 months ago
nice good jod
Blessed 8 months ago
Wow I which I had a project in mind but I can't think Of any, the project on ground is OK
Dynamix 8 months ago
Social rabbit
RUBY VO 8 months ago

it may meet your demand
onket 8 months ago
Looking to create an idea of bags, and the person would get the items in the bag or they can donate them.
Rick Lell 8 months ago
Uyriy 7 months ago
0,00000000 BNB 3.1%
Uyriy 7 months ago
Seems like they are doing great and attracting a lot of people.
troywilde 7 months ago is great I find its easy to earn on there. lots of content and supports all major cryptocurrency.
bitmap 7 months ago
very beautiful
Mustafa Muhammad 7 months ago
Ivan 6 months ago
I ve got a tons of idea for cryptocurrency
achmad 6 months ago
this funny video
Kakashi 5 months ago
I think social rabbit
alpha dice 4 months ago
That’s how much notable NFT collector Gmoney spent in January on a CryptoPunk NFT, or nonfungible token. Like most people in the crypto community, he is known only by his online alias and prefers to remain anonymous.