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EnglishLooking for NFTs on BCH like Fluf World and crypto punks.

Any plans on working on a similar project on Bitcoin Cash? Seems like they are doing great and attracting a lot of people. If you have any idea of a project let me know. Must be as cool as Fluf World or crypto punks.

bchmfers 1 month ago
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  • Crypto
  • Bitcoincash
  • Bch
  • Fluf World
  • Crypto Punks

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iul7 1 month ago
so i found a few websites .

hope this helped
waimoeaung 1 month ago
social rabbit
clent 1 month ago
I like the answer of iul7
wallstreetWOOKS 1 month ago
Have you heard of SLPswap?
Pokpok34 1 month ago
aavegotchi or smolsies
Entrepreneurlife 1 month ago
Uca Ermawan 1 month ago
Sickrover maybe
Paige 1 month ago take a look here in this link try out this one too.

Sorry for the trouble - this might be a ruby 3.x non-backwards-compatibility issue. I currently run on ruby 2.7. If you can downgrade to 2.7.x and retry.

Sorry for now I have no ruby 3.x installed for testing. You can try this script to verify if the read_csv is causing the trouble:

require 'csvreader'

def read_csv( path ) path )

recs = read_csv( './no1/dodge.csv' )
puts " #{recs.size} punk(s)"
#=> 25 records
If it gives you the same error than sorry it looks like it's not working with the latest ruby 3.x series.
widmo11 1 month ago
social rabbit
Ankush 1 month ago
I know some sites of mine cyrpto
Entrepreneurlife 4 weeks ago*94_kHDeJ3cu9QQiAeRqzLw.png
sindi 3 weeks ago
I read through various sites and crossed it down to this.
Otis,unicly,fractional and daofi.
Nirontor 3 weeks ago
found a few websites .
it'll help u
Mctofa 2 weeks ago
So great features
Mctofa 2 weeks ago
So great features