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EnglishGive me some NFT ideas to create.

Must be unique. What people will find interesting. Nice concept. Best suggestion will be rewarded. Thank you.

damian82 3 months ago
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John Downes 3 months ago
A loaf of sliced pan. NFT bread.
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
Different canolis with Different weird things on the inside in place of the ricotta. Like a zombie canoli with magots inside . A unicorn canoli with a pink shell and glitter ricotta on the inside shaped like a unicorn horn . A banano canoli thats a canoli filled with banano. A joint canoli with a white shell and weed inside. A simpsons canoli with a blue shell and yellow ricotta with simpsons etes as chocolate chips on it
Will_25_ 3 months ago
Golden nuggets looking like a complexe system in the univers.
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
A galaxy but the planets are Various different donuts . You can do a lot of variation with sprinkles and frosting color combinations. And you can do blends . I would suggest launching it on the Wax blockchain as their smart contracts are best for blends and such
billy Praise. 3 months ago
Meet, Greet and Eat
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
A cartoon of a dude beating up a steak with a hammer, baseball bat, pickaxe, etc. and call it : Beating The Meat 🥩
Prashik Kamble 3 months ago
Ace of spades NFT
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
ACE OF SPADES ON A pokemon CARD template, call it ACÉMON
AndreaS 3 months ago
A man who jumps the rope but the rope is his cat
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
A man who is a cat that is eating various multicolored lasagnas and has a beer belly and a green spiked mohawk. But the cat man dude has purple fur . Call it ; the BarfField collection, and have some where he is barfing out the lasagna and the tye dye colors in the vomit are more gnarly
Amasa 3 months ago
Create a DNA blockchain but inside that blockchain each of the nodes are obviously Bitcoins or whatever other popular token of your choice.
movla 3 months ago
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
A mouse in a very large house . But the house is made from a few tall boy beer cans . Call it : MOUSEHOUSE. But make the logo look like the Icehouse beer logo. This would go places
Wes 3 months ago
A gangster George Washington or a Thugged out Mona Lisa
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
George Washington smoking joints drinking coronas with lime , shirtless on a tropical beach in a speedo . Call it Presidents Island and do other depictions of other presidents
Mohammed Haneef 3 months ago
create a digital wallet where you'll securely store the crypto currency
TS2990 3 months ago
Football Greatest Moments
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
Pizza Slices with multicolored pixelated mold spots on them .
khlyd 3 months ago
planetary sequence with crypto coin design as planets
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
Cheese wheels with funny cartoon faces with giant eyes and teeth , boxing in a ring. Call it : CHEESE FIGHT
Tay Kiat Boon 3 months ago
A physical note in a wallet digitalizing into a coin
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
Nft Whiskey Bottles with various Rock stars faces on the in pixel form. Call it Bottle Starz
Afrocryptonian 3 months ago
how life will never be the same after covid
nani 3 months ago
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
Someone beating meat with various instruments. Call it Beating the Meat 🥩
Asutosh 3 months ago might be best option for you to sell NFts.On this platform you can even sell NFTs for free. Just create any art as you like and post it to
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
Pokemon type cards for cartoon peanut creatures
Đorđe Jovanović 3 months ago
1. Create An NFT Online Course
2. Write An NFT-Themed Blog
3. Create An NFT Forum
4. Become An NFT Broker
5. Craft An NFT Newsletter
6. Write An NFT eBook
7. Create A White Label NFT Service
8. Become An NFT Artist
9. Create NFT Collectibles
10. Launch An NFT App
ThunderX 3 months ago
Go for very well known status Around the world! I want my share if you will be filthy rich 😎
Bygbrd 3 months ago
If you want something simple you can go with some pixel arts concept portraying a some sweet childhood memories.
On the more complex part you can try to portray a social cause and market it saying this is to raise awareness about it.
Alexis Gognet 3 months ago
Jésus et ses 12 apôtre
Alexis Gognet 3 months ago
NFT Coquin , genre hentai
Jun Aspren Delacioj 3 months ago
Try to read this bro very informative.
sadoxrp 3 months ago
a tree in the sky among the stars. Let the bunch of fruit on the tree be a month
alfeus 3 months ago
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
A DJ Cat wearing various different pajamas
Buzz King 3 months ago
Elon Musk and Doge hybrid. What their baby would look like haha!
Uca Ermawan 3 months ago
Mukbang, because people like do mukbang
blockstack chain 3 months ago
Create an NFT of mems
King Solomon 3 months ago
Golden nuggets looking like a complex system in the universe
Syntonic 3 months ago
Money Man NFT
Artem 3 months ago
Why do you need other people's ideas? You're a smart guy, you just need to inspire yourself, watch the sky and it will show you, it helps me
jackytank 3 months ago
I think a girl sitting in front of the frame showing her back and her head slowly turn back with a flash of something, like her eye glow in bitcoin,eth,.. shape for 0.1 second then turn to normal
Manusnow 3 months ago
Hello, how are you? An idea that my staff would like to see would be a collection of natural parts of certain regions, as well as vegetation and fauna in their endemic areas.
Emil Bednarz 3 months ago
wallstreetWOOKS 3 months ago
El_PuerroX 3 months ago
Sports, Oldtimer Cars or Sport Cars
Sampson 3 months ago
Strategic Planning. When it comes to launching a successful NFT collection, planning is key. ...
Make it Exclusive. ...
Marketing Marketing Marketing. ...
Go Beyond Collectibles & Build In Utility. ...
Platform Matters.
driss99 3 months ago
Refugees NFT
Robert Sandusky 3 months ago
Different countries, states, and cities world wide
Vidocracy 2 months ago
Peace, That is what the world needs. A cryptocurrency making our world more peaceful would be great.
a_ahmd1911 2 months ago
AI generated art
Ice 2 months ago
You can create your own NFT ideas
Let take it like the
So you’re an artist or a designer, and you’ve heard that someone paid $69 million for a digital painting by Beeple. No, you’ll never reach that level of craze (unless you share some connections with the Singaporean ventures of your buyer), but you can still try and mint an NFT that you can call your own. In most cases, you will lose some money in the process, but hey, you will have successfully jumped on the bandwagon, and you’ll be able to brag on Instagram and Twitter about it.
hola 2 months ago
you could make a group of peculiar buildings
hussein bahaidarah 2 months ago
Animated picture implying that Satoshi Nakamoto is an Alien
Cristina katjotjo 2 months ago
Should be safe from damage and tempering as collectors should not have to worry about the future of his artwork.
Invest time in marketing.
Think about rarity.
Add a fun element.
Provide incentives.
BulaTv 2 months ago
Ive never seen any nft in opensea or any other platform of a 3D ANIMATION OF EMOJIS. The first one who makes it would make a cashflow and might beat cryptopunk or llama
Warren Williams 2 months ago
Gladiator Elite
Mobile PvP (player versus player) for those tens of millions of hardcore gamers that live their live to be nothing less than the Elite. Design your gladiator and purchase your gear. Portion of your purchase will grant you weapons, armor, special abilities, natural skills with the percentage rate of NFT and gray new abilities and modifiers. Battles can allow the champions to to knowingly gain the percentage of the battle level of his/hers opponents NFT elevating the to the next tier. While the fallen will lose and digress and left wanting. A lot more of this in my brain.

Being a competitive gamer for the last 27 years their is no doubt that this coin would continue to climb (2009 as the housing market crashed and the USA felt the effects of the recession the gaming industry continued to grow with leaps and bounds). Gamers will continue to upgrade and the developers would reap great wealth as the gladiators purchased NFT to rise again and again after their defeat. This would make for an unstoppable coin and the next must have for all gamers
Ali guzeloglu 2 months ago
Su an hic bir sey dusunemiyorumm
deapdash 2 months ago
nft about every single ciggerates brand in hand of a ape
Kvsltorier 1 month ago
Create a hotdog but with diffren toppings and meats, so like a vegan chili hot dog or a oinion chicken hotdot, easy base easy addons and easy to make lots of them
jamesl 1 month ago
a pixel art picture of satoshi nakamoto
Djstos 1 month ago
Make a new bearbrick with nft..
Djstos 1 month ago
And i have ideas
Baudoux 1 month ago
a corona virus with NFT inside 😉
Edwin Mpitsang 1 month ago
Create a hotdog but with diffren toppings and meats, so like a vegan chili hot dog or a oinion chicken hotdot, easy base easy addons and easy to make lots of them
RG 1 month ago
A song where each of the notes is broken down into different musical instruments, tones, vibration and then introduce harmonics to compose other melodies. If you have lyrics, add the decomposition for all languages.
Dartimes 1 month ago
YouTubers, or shoes.
rakib 1 month ago
Go for very well known status Around the world! I want my share if you will be filthy rich 😎
Miss Mike 1 month ago
Create an 'Aunt Abby ' cartoon character who seems to be a farm town shoulder-to-cry-on kind of person, an all-over know it all kind of person, good with a wrench and hammer as well as a canning foodie who wins prizes at County fairs, and knows medicinal and is EVERYBODIES go to person who never was married or had kids herself. Quirky but a bit odd, Happy under a tractor as well as up a telephone pole or apple tree. We truly need that type of cartoon character to benefit this frustrated, antagonistic environment in this new century. There used to be that kind of person all over the world in every culture. Let's go find them again, via cartoons. I would love to see her again, wouldn't you?
Fahad 1 month ago
Collectible Characters that can represent the soccer clubs or the soccer-playing nations.
Would love to work on it with anyone willing to do it
Segun Michael 1 month ago
try ghost brain character nft
Alireza 1 month ago
You know, in my opinion, this is a very high-tech platform, and everyone out there has high-tech information. Now that it's almost new, you can use photos or classic information.
Michael Simmons 1 month ago
Gnomes in different outfits... like job and sports uniforms with props
Valentin 1 month ago
a baguette nft if it doesn't exist yet, if yes hmm let me think, a dinosaur like a t-rex because everybody like these
artiskind 1 month ago
online gallery
joeyflow79 1 month ago
"zapped", nft that represents value of energy it took to create, and the data it represents, like a commodity token ...
Ashnar 3 weeks ago
anything with Deer or Uniqorn
catz 2 weeks ago
avatars, with the metaverse coming people will want to own their unique avatars, im thinking to do it as a sidehustle.
kentzuke 2 weeks ago
you can base yourself in plastic artist that worked out in recent years, example, banksy, mrbrainwash, making fresh content people attach to it, copy, edit, remake
Bitp 1 week ago
Have designs that are new modern looking.
Fatih 1 week ago
Make a mug collection
Kenneth 5 days ago
Yes i know NFT is like a duel monster like a bxie infinity,is the newest NFT like axie infinity and karastar infinity so this is the game for lifetime income.
Kenneth 5 days ago
Yes i know NFT is like a duel monster like a bxie infinity,is the newest NFT like axie infinity and karastar infinity so this is the game for lifetime income.
Yojimbo 5 days ago
A bat cat holding a tuba
EDUBz 2 days ago
4d rubik cube.
kenf 1 day ago
Portraits of famous people with there eyes rolled up in disbelief with some of these answers.. 😏
diefight 1 day ago
you can draw a picture from Reality in this world . like Love