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EnglishWhat is the best way for my NFT to standout among the others?

Please suggest some good ideas.

damian82 10 months ago
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John Downes 10 months ago
Animation . Look at css or data processing to get those dots moving. Use some filters on the text to make it transparent. Don't place the text in the centre. Use two tone black with only one extra color #ffd300 or #c96. Make it dynamic. If it's stationary try use rule of thirds.. It must have impact.
Will_25_ 10 months ago
Just create your own style, I mean you can use a exiting style of nft and just modify it to create a new one that no one can belive. If you want ideas you can just go with a simple nft style and try to make it more complexe. Just try to do differente. Good luck my friend!!!
cap 10 months ago
1st thing airdrop 🤩 that give ur coin free publicity. attractive logo + official website, listing on bainance, ur nft website should have games also.
AndreaS 10 months ago
Just make one that is particular and different from the others, have a surreal idea that blows the mind
pouyahm 10 months ago
Gaming i think
Hen Chris 10 months ago
Promote your ability
milad 10 months ago can make a game such as block chain cuties or axie infinity
Afrocryptonian 10 months ago
it should be different, human eyes generally get fixated on something unfamiliar
wallstreetWOOKS 10 months ago
Have it on the Wax Blockchain. Best blockchain for NFTs. No gas fees. And really good smart contracts
ali 10 months ago
they watch to future, you go back
ThunderX 10 months ago
Be unique, get inspiration from everyday life, art, music trending News right niw. Creat your own style And go For it!
Adedapo Adegelu 10 months ago
This is real and new
Joshua 10 months ago
Make out something new out if your mind and see the glory
sadoxrp 10 months ago
create your own ideas. My idea is, create the sky in a colorful, mixed color. make a picture of a child in the womb. the child can be seen from the outside
Buzz King 10 months ago
1. Branding. It's not just about the specific cards, but the brand behind it as well. You need an excellent social media base!
2. Animations and cool effects. The rarer the card, the more vibrant and cooler effect the cards should have!
3. Create free NFTs for existing holders of your NFT. You can have a common rarity NFT for people who hold your cards and a rarer one for people who have multiple of your NFTs or specific combos of NFTs.
vicky 10 months ago
Just create your own style, I mean you can use a exiting style of nft and just modify it to create a new one that no one can belive. If you want ideas you can just go with a simple nft style and try to make it more complexe. Just try to do differente. Good luck my friend!!!
Miguel Domínguez Santana 10 months ago
If I were you, I would get inspiration from nature and I would involve it with the cryptoworld (a mix between nature and technology, for example). I would also have an airdrop or something similar to promote your work.
Victor Leon 10 months ago
Just try to be different and create something expectacular and unique.
wallstreetWOOKS 10 months ago
Here is a actual creative idea; and one I have seen work before many times: make a physical product to go along with your nft. Like a print , or a tshirt, poster, action figure, music album, etc. What you do is you can sell the physical product/NFT as a pair. Or you could sell the NFTs and to get the physical version they would have to burn the NFT to receive it. This creates limited edition demand. And its fun .
Anyways, goodluck with ur NFT journey, mah I suggest using the Wax blockchain for NFTs.

And can I have a tip. Pretty please? I haven’t gotten any tips on this app quite yet. Heres to hoping ur the first 🍀❤️
Saba 9 months ago
its a brand name..i think
Moein 9 months ago
Oh yes off course
johnmcal 9 months ago
It seems as though there have been two themes I have recognized recently, one, which has been the primary, and inherently logical as for NFT’s serving as stores of value, is it’s unique traits or attributes that cause provide it distinction and rarity increasingly. The second is interesting ways of incorporating decentralization into the function and actual user experience of the NFT, such as Adventure Gold (AGLD) that we saw Moon today.
Miguel Green-Camara 9 months ago
User friendly and simple
tonedog1 9 months ago
Let people get a gift or free stock
BulaTv 9 months ago
Simple just make it a eye catching one with bright colours and maybe some animations. I just used the glitch effect . Lokk like theres less then 1k glicthing nft arts . Lowest bid was 0.1 ETH
Jefferson Ferdinand L. Pablo 8 months ago
Cross-platform access, Android-Windows-iOS
matty 8 months ago
Try to stand out from the rest. First impressions always count when it comes it throngs like this. Have a good image and maybe try air dropping
Bambang 8 months ago
Don't give always do what you do
jpg113 8 months ago
I would Start with the obvious Social networks, Then blog on reddit Anything that stands out against the competition is great!!
Michael Simmons 8 months ago
Due a series with Greek Theatre Masks on different cute baby animals with different fur colorations.
joeyflow79 8 months ago
has to be actually worth something, easy to trade or sell, think commodities..
James Boateng Adusei 7 months ago
Just create something unfamiliar which will attract the human eye and yours will be beyond compare.
JCRock23 7 months ago
interactivity. more the better
catz 7 months ago
bright and colorful like lego style and must be useful in the upcoming metaverse
Isaac Imhankhomu 7 months ago
Use your own ideas, don't copy others
Jezer S. 6 months ago
Hazlo viral.
Mohamed Cheikh 6 months ago
Most of the work is shown on Twitter, you have to put your production in the comments of celebrities, or those who deal with NFT.
A proven and successful method.
Numero-uno 5 months ago
1. Airdrop: it will serve as a publicity strategy.
2. Uniqueness: Be sure it is different form the regular nfts
nbantegn 5 months ago
mobile game if good
Gracious Interests 4 months ago
There are a variety of ways.

Where it concerns the art itself:
- Be authentic.
Do not copy others nor indulge into regenerative art (like Beeple, BillionApes, CryptoPunks,...).
- Be unique
The greatest appeal is found in something which moves people. Which evokes emotion.
Interpretive art. Collections of certain important events.

As the NFT-creator/artist will you also need to work on:
- Your renown.
Make yourself known. Engage in various communities and share what you make and do.
Get people to notice you and do not expect people "to buy" because "you made it available".
- Help others
Renown is created by being a good guy. By helping others and become a looked-upon guy within various communities.

Other mechanisms such as "hyping", Airdrops, WhiteListing,... will only work if you and your NFTs have a certain amount of renown. If there is ALREADY demand. It is not feasible for many beginning artists.
steven farmer 4 months ago
offer free NFT. Just add a link in your ad
alpha dice 4 months ago
Oluwakolawole John Osasona 4 months ago
It's has to be unique and could have any feature you like
HOERIM LEE 3 months ago
새롭고, 특별한 아이디어를 얻고 싶으세요?
그럼, 당신에게 영감을 줄 사이트에 방문해 보세요^^
Florence 3 months ago
Create your style