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EnglishCan anyone identify this plant for me?

Link + image to verify. Thank you

PANAGOT 1 year ago
  • Plant
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Manu 1 year ago
Saxifraga stolonifer Citrus
DERSNOTU 1 year ago
Mountain onion. (turnip flower)
Komoush 1 year ago
Cyclamen Persicum

You can use a free plant identification app.
Check this blogpost out to find the best app:
Lucas Barros 1 year ago
Oh who screwed up with those plants anyway?
ali mahdavi 1 year ago
Saxifraga stolonifer Citrus
Mohit Wat 1 year ago
stolonifer citrus
Bobby Mishra 1 year ago
Cyclamen persicum, the Persian cyclamen, is a species of flowering herbaceous perennial plant growing from a tuber, native to rocky hillsides, shrubland, and woodland up to 1,200 m above sea level, from south-central Turkey to Lebanon-Syria and the Palestine region.
French-Worker22 1 year ago
it's a serrated leaf cyclamen
probably a Cyclamen hederifolium
Picture :
Jay 1 year ago Correct
It's a cyclamen of the persicum series, I'm fairly confident this is a Cyclamen Graecum (Greek Cyclamen) because of the heart shape and fine-toothed serrations on the leaf edge (without the additional characteristic points of the ivy-like hederifolium). Hederifolium and Graecum are often confused.

There are varieties of Greek Cyclamen and they can grow differently. The Wiki page is basic and you can see the leaf there but the page isn't that helpful. This is the most detailed page I could find that's relevant to this particular plant which shows the variety the Greek cyclamen has.

This one looks dormant because it's experiencing unfavourable conditions and needs to "sleep" (if it could speak and quote Monty Python, it'd say "I'm not dead yet").

I don't know the environment it's in so won't give you an encyclopedic list of what could be wrong. If it's too hot, too dry (like a Mediterranean summer), it will look like it's dead until it experiences what it thinks is a Mediterranean winter and then come back to life again. If this was from a florist, it's probably never lived outdoors so please don't assume it's as hardy as a naturally grown plant, it likely won't be.

Because it's a Graecum, you should be able to find care tips that are relevant based on the environment it's living in. There are lots of misleading pages on care. Here's a couple to start you off

If you're still stuck as to what to do after reading these, try messaging @GregBourke3 on Twitter

Good luck, I hope you get to see it flower, they're lovely.
Marsin Sin 1 year ago
Well, My answer is not scientific enough because i answer it according to my experience. The leaf of this plant is medicine for light injuries. Make the leaf as salp and put unto the wound. It heals amazingly.
Gregydel 1 year ago
I would also like to draw attention here to parts such as thorns and leaves, which makes the flower just more "rosy".

structure of a rose
Janis Kruze 1 year ago
stolonifer citrus
rrustler 1 year ago
Persian cyclone
Mike Mauro 1 year ago
KOba kayahish
Kurdioses 1 year ago
I think stoloniter citrus
Serhii 1 year ago
It looks like cyclamen and it is flooded with water
RAMANI B 1 year ago
It's a onion variety for sure
Zapiz 1 year ago
Mountain onion. (turnip flower)
Crystal Rogers Stone 1 year ago
Cyclonem Permiscum
Crystal Rogers Stone 1 year ago
Cyclamen Permiscum
Oluzy 1 year ago
Oluzy 1 year ago
So correct
lolv8 1 year ago

its like plat on the pot
tha YRN 1 year ago
Cyclamen Persicum
neo 1 year ago