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EnglishWant to replicate her style. Can you help?

Belt Red pants White top Store suggestions + price. Thank you

Missalikh 10 months ago
  • Fashion
  • Dance
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  • Bachata

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Cal 10 months ago
Top $5

Pants $30

Belt $10 (closest I could find)
sincap 10 months ago
dee 10 months ago
Top by Dance Life - 12.56 euros

Pants and belt by Elegant Secret Boutique contact for price.
Buy directly in Instagram:
Kekebau 10 months ago
dee 10 months ago
RAMANI B 10 months ago
Put black T-shirt
And white pant
hamidreza 10 months ago
use it:
Mauricio Silva rodrigues fortes 10 months ago
1. Sammy Dress (Inglaterra)

2. Romwe (Hong Kong)


3. Asos (Inglaterra)


4. Aéropostale (EUA)


5. Macy’s (EUA)


6. ModClotch (EUA)

7. NastyGal (EUA)


8. Chicwish (Inglaterra)

alfreds 10 months ago
7$ belt worth
Md Saidur Rahman 10 months ago
Geraldine 10 months ago
I would wear a black top, with blue jeans and a blazalete, I don't know, maybe pink?
İsmet 10 months ago
Beyaz tshirt kırmızı pantolon
Valeria Carrasco 10 months ago
Top 5.71$ (aliexpress) FREE SHIPPING

Pants 11.15$ (aliexpress) FREE SHIPPING

Belt 4.88$ (aliexpress),scm-url:1007.13339.169870.0,pvid:18611db8-ca77-46ef-ba54-e10081c195aa,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%236_668%230%23131923%236_668%23888%233325%232_668%23888%233325%232_668%232846%238110%231995_668%235811%2327191%23100_668%236421%2330831%23976_668%232717%237567%23955_668%231000022185%231000066058%230_668%233468%2315615%23665_668%232846%238110%231995_668%235811%2327191%23100_668%236421%2330831%23976_668%232717%237567%23955_668%233164%239976%23287_668%233468%2315615%23665&&pdp_ext_f=%7B%22scene%22:%223339%22%7D

There you have it sweetie, hope this helps! :)
Сергей 10 months ago
Будь в своем стиле
Guido Del Noce 10 months ago
Top: $5 ref = tgt_adv_XS000000 & AFID = google_pla_df & fndsrc = tgtao & DFA = 71700000012577775 & CPNG = PLA_Women% 2BShopping% 7CWomen_Ecomm_AA & adgroup = SC_Women & LID = 700000001170770pgs & LNM = PRODUCT_GROUP & rete = g & dispositivo = m & localizzazione = 9.017.194 e targetid = pla-918.639.340.554 & ds_rl = 1.241.788 e ds_rl = 1.246.978 e ds_rl = 1.248.099 e gbraid = 0AAAAAD-5dfZOnQM2cCUvglaIXt6Jzv6eS & gbraid = 0AAAAAD-5dfZOnQM2cCUvglaIXt6Jzv6eS & gclid = Cj0KCQjw3f6HBhDHARIsAD_i3D-1_Zbm3vlDcL6p9Lk6cqe7P- 2zgVtw94I4m3NfCi60d7wa7U0ImrcaAjg5EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

Pantaloni: $ 30

Cintura: $ 10 kwds=&option=43107053&refccid=Z7EBB72UTXP2ES2OQOXC27LDKI&rfmt=color%3ARed&searchidx=21
Laxxus 10 months ago
Will_25_ 10 months ago
Top $5

Pants $30

Belt $10 (closest I could find)
Rouge smuky 10 months ago
Rouge smuky 10 months ago
roni 10 months ago
I would wear a black top, with blue jeans and a blazalete, I don't know, maybe pink?
Dicky Pendrian 10 months ago
With Batik i guess
Burak turan 10 months ago I suggest you to try
Ana Teresa Magalhaes 10 months ago
Belt 9,99pounds

crop top:
Asos: 20.99 pounds

Amazon 9,99:

Amazon: 10.99

Shein: 2 euros
ali 10 months ago
be yourself , don't think about other's idea about you , who you are that are be now
whyte emmapeace 10 months ago
Belt black pants white top
Entrepreneurlife 10 months ago
Entrepreneurlife 10 months ago
Dali 10 months ago
Adol 10 months ago
Top $5

Pants $30

Belt $10 (closest I could find)
vicky 10 months ago
Paige 10 months ago
Danielle Nguyen 10 months ago
Shirt $5
Flat stomach PRICELESS
Pants $15
Danielle Nguyen 10 months ago
Top- Papaya maybe 3 dollars
Belt and pants - Papaya too and maybe 10 to 15 dollars!
virgilbahrum 10 months ago
Top $5
Daniel 10 months ago
Hey dear I have the answer tho. Just Find out where your favorite celebrities buy their clothes and how you can get their looks for less.
achmad 10 months ago
thi is dance
Saba 9 months ago
top is 5.4$, pant is 11$ and belt is 7$ can get it via aliexpress
Bwobby4 9 months ago
Crop top 15$ belt and pants 70$
johnmcal 9 months ago
I don’t know where you’re located or even even how their product is as of the past few years, however, when I used to live in Manhattan we would often be found in H&M for tearing through their endless options… I get the sense outside of major cities they are often way under-appreciated. H&M I could almost guarantee you outfit together very similar for cheaper than what you would pay for something way less stylistically satisfactory at Target…

I would suggest further their online advertisements do their product no Justice. They are great for staple pieces and the cuts of their clothing more than anything else is where I believe they excel, which with fashion or anything we wear is essentially everything… how anything “fits” our form… Not that you were considering it, but I would like to disqualify myself from any potential payment reward, likely you’ll consider this rambling lol, and if not the trip down memory lane was payment in full… 🖤☠️🖤
Oemar Paimin 9 months ago
hi, is this what you are looking for: Genuine Leather Belt for Women Waist Skinny Dress Belt for Jeans Pants 0.93" Width Black Red Brown White,
Akinrinlola Damilola 9 months ago
Naz 9 months ago
Please visit Target store.
steven 8 months ago
hood the way she is.
innocent 8 months ago
Top 5.71$ (aliexpress) FREE SHIPPING

Pants 11.15$ (aliexpress) FREE SHIPPING
ayomideoluwa 8 months ago
white t shirt with bum short
Javad 8 months ago
Hi. The cloch biyutiful
Mhand 8 months ago
Satin et fleurs de cerisiers
Mhand 8 months ago
Satin et fleurs de cerisiers
davina vitals 8 months ago
Jcpennys has some great cropped tops that are very similar to this one in the picture. They are very cute and affordable
Kelsey Schaeffer 8 months ago
This white crop top from target is $5

Red Jeans from JC Penny - $15.84 with code BOOTS38

Red Belt from Walmart - $15.09
Mulekho 7 months ago
Blouse- h&m, pants - zara red pants, belt and earrings- etsy. Thank you
Bal Kishan 7 months ago
Indian Rajasthani Lahnga.
Gerhard Friehs 7 months ago
i would suggest H&M if you have that store. not the right season of course
Gerhard Friehs 7 months ago
i would suggest H&M if you have that store. not the right season of course
Isaac Imhankhomu 7 months ago
Watch more of her videos
Ethen Simon 7 months ago
you need to be just simple . if u have any white t-shirt and red pantd
Harry Edward 7 months ago
Top $5

Pants $30

Belt $10 (closest I could find)
Suyudi7 6 months ago
yes I can help
corin 6 months ago
I found the exact same top for 12,56€:

this is a similar legging for 22,46€:
1Luvlett 6 months ago
$3.00 short from Dirt Cheap and $7.00 pants at Walmart
kimo2 6 months ago
top $25

pants $25

belt $5
Bong Bong Balboa 6 months ago
in MAX shopping center
Gauthier Le Jemtel 5 months ago
Go to Polish online stores (4F, H&M poland), or Vinted --> this is their country color. They have a lot of clothes like this
Ernest Smith 4 months ago
Top $15
Pants $25
Belt $20
Total $60
francis ewele 4 months ago
Check out this link
alpha dice 4 months ago
inno3440 4 months ago
her pants should be white and then her top should be red
Thumperish 4 months ago
child's size 12 T-shirt high rise blue jeans and I'd make my own belt
dr foad 3 months ago
Eat vegetables for dinner. Eat protein for breakfast. Get enough sleep. Do stretching exercises for 10 minutes after exercise
arthur 3 months ago
belt red top white worth $15
Solomon Wan 2 months ago
If you go WINNERS you can probably find the top for around $10 and the pant around $30 dollars.
Kaleab01 1 month ago
Nice But With A little Re Arrange