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EnglishWas there any unusual trading activity/blockchain transfers before Elon's Tweet on the 13th of May that crashed the crypto markets?

It can be anything, from know wallets, cold storage, large transactions, shorting positions that we should be looking at. If you don't know what I am asking, don't waste my time, yours and the admin. Will report you.

bchmfers 1 month ago
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Marsin Sin 1 month ago
I don't think that there were unusual trading in market. The tweet of Elon Musk on twitter only broung a temporal effect on bitcoin. It slowly normalize itself nowaday..
RAMANI B 1 month ago
I don't think that there is any unusual trade in market. Not a major effect
tha YRN 1 month ago
There is no major effect regarding to this tweet
Will_25_ 1 month ago
I think that pretty sure, but the possibility that it's delete is like 99% sure so don't try to find any things because, you will lose your time my friend. Good luck!!!
pouyahm 1 month ago
I dont think so
andy 1 month ago
i don’t think
Cae Amadeu Pinto Lanzellotte 1 month ago
Acredito que ele gostaria apenas de realizar um efeito sob a moeda a qual ele exerce atividade, utilizando sua credibilidade para desvalorizar o bitcoin.
Laya Thomas 1 month ago
No, there wasn't any unusual trading activity/blockchain transfers after that tweet
PrinceAlexIV 1 month ago
not anything out of the typical fluctuations that come with the volatility.
Tyron Gurnham 1 month ago
No I don't think so
Saba 3 weeks ago
not a unusla trading in market
Miss Mike 2 weeks ago
Coming from South Africa, Elon Musk has always had a remarkable pleasure of screwing over Americans and trying to make us look ridiculous ( to put it nicely). So when we have high expectations that 'things' are credible he indubitably tries to make us look assinine. So don't give him the time of day in his commentaries.
Ice 2 weeks ago
Yes of course
Staceyhot 2 weeks ago
I don't think so
Nick Muturi 1 week ago
Before Elon's tweet he saw a way to minimize the use of Bitcoin towards purchasing tesla vehicles.. because he thought maybe the market would drop hence why he bought Bitcoin and Dodgecoin after to flood the market
tonedog1 1 week ago
I think you should do your own thing
D 6 days ago
it just goes to show Elon musk is just like anyone else.skeptical and not really the brain of the future