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EnglishFind me the cheapest way cargo option to ship a piano internationally.

Source: Dublin, Ireland<br /> Destination: Portland, OR (USA)<br /> <br /> Your mission is to find me the cheapest way to get a Privia PX-310 (and the wooden legs/stand) from Ireland to Portland. I don't care about how long it takes.<br /> <br /> I don't have any carrying case for it, so this will need to be added to the price equation.<br /> <br /> Good luck!

Ryan Bruce 8 years ago
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TBZ1 8 years ago will give you multiple quotes. You will need dimensions and weight of that actual piano.
ChaosLord893 8 years ago
The cheapest way would be to have a friend you know from Portland and en trust to him that he will send the Privia to you , and once you recieve the Privia, you can then pay your friend the costs of the shipping and anything else.
Ryan Bruce 8 years ago
I'm going the other way around. I'm in Dublin (well, will be) and I'll ship it to a trusted recipient in Portland.
slo887 8 years ago
First-disassemble wooden legs, it will save you 100$ will assemble them after you recieve it

or you can sell it in dublin, transfer money tu usa and buy same one for same price in usa...simple as that

you can even earn some money this way
Ryan Bruce 8 years ago
I thought about this, but it's a massive PITA to sell a high end piano in Dublin and get your money's worth.
nalumansi 8 years ago will do it better
ekmo81233 8 years ago
Try to check

You will find out some good options to ship your goods!
kyborginis 8 years ago best way really