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EnglishWho is the voice actress or source of this hentai audio this hentai audio was popular on YouTube for awhile as a sort of gag meme, although the videos with this sound generally got deleted becuz sex. But according to the research I did 1 year ago this video is the earliest sighting of the sound on YouTube, because judging from the editing of the others prior to their deletion, I came to the conclusion that they were clipped from this specific YouTube video, and not the original hentai. Also I asked the maker of this 3 hour version and he said he got it from a sketchy porn site, and can't remember. Now initially that probably sounds like a lie, but I believe him. So that means the original is a hentai video not just audio, and it's somewhere on a random hentai site. As of right now each one of u is now an official temporary member of the investigative team known as the anime task force

fukbuttrobbery 2 years ago
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AssFace 2 years ago
hi, I'm the first member of the anime task force, according to my investigations, this girl is mio akiyama from k-on! her voice was played by 2 actresses: yoko hikasa (japanese) and cristina vee (american)
fukbuttrobbery 2 years ago
Lol no sorry, that's the girl in the picture, the picture is totally unrelated to the question I just used it cuz I like anime cat girls. The voice actress in question is the video I link in the description. I used an unrelated picture cuz theres not really a picture to go along with the audio in question
AssFace 2 years ago
I don't think anyone would listen to 3 hours of hentai sounds lol
GolDRodger 2 years ago
yoko hikasa (japonaise) et cristina vee (américaine)
Izel 2 years ago
yoko ikasa
frantz 2 years ago
Laxxus 2 years ago
Yoko Isaka
fslucaz 2 years ago
yoko hikasa
Prashik Kamble 2 years ago
she is yoko ikasa
Tilam Chowdhury 2 years ago
Yoko Ikasa (Japanese)
Cristina Vee (American)
rey 2 years ago
yoko ikasa
Sachin Naik 2 years ago
Yoko hikasa and Cristina vee
Yoko Ikasa (Japanese)
Cristina Vee (American)
Đorđe Jovanović 2 years ago Correct
if this can help
fukbuttrobbery 2 years ago
Good enough, fuck it
Carlos 2 years ago
yoko ikasa
gram003 2 years ago
I am listen
pedro 2 years ago
yoko ikasa
gralich 2 years ago
Hikasa Yoko