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EnglishLooking for suggestions for unique canistars ideas to give as a gift.

Let me hear your suggestions with some nice designs. Must be coffee,tea and sugar. Maximum price 50 euros. It is for a lady 60 y.o Link + detail on your answers. Thank you

kiwi 5 months ago
  • House
  • Item
  • Decor
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sugar

austin 5 months ago hope you find what you are looking for
Marian 5 months ago This is a nice set of canistars coffee tea and sugar nice gift idea price is under 50 euros
Marian 5 months ago Set of 3 canisters sugar coffee and tea nice design and decorated price is under 50 euros
Marian 5 months ago Set of 3 retro canisters nice gift idea price is under 50 euros
Ana Teresa Magalhaes 5 months ago Correct
I think these are beautiful and less than 50 euros. i also like these and they are very affordable. If you are looking for unusual designs, this one might interest you and is very cute!
Cazulee 5 months ago
Pls can you teach me this in whatsapp
kiwi 5 months ago
Thank you for your suggestion. I think yours were the prettiest.
Nico 5 months ago
Here you go:
Nico 5 months ago
This is a set of 3 Metal Tin With Bamboo Lid for Sugar Tea Coffee Canister Jars.
Onlinework941 5 months ago
3 piece antique canisters
REMI ASSAF 5 months ago Nice and good price, 31,06€
donas 5 months ago
the house it is look good but collor not good
Cazulee 5 months ago
Can I be the one
wallstreetWOOKS 5 months ago
Dre Afro 5 months ago
Very beautiful