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EnglishIf you are from China would like some intel after the latest chinese crackdown on cryptocurrencies.

The interest and the assets are still there. So please provide some insight about what is happening. Which sites do you use to get informed? Which chat apps. Are you still mining, transacting? The pandora box has been opened... Thanks

fadasma32 1 month ago
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austin 1 month ago
China has really banned bitcoin mining and all the people who held cryptocurrency have to wait until the government legalises crypto trading
Oghosa confidence 1 month ago
Meaning no more selling and buying of crypto currencies
Gioele 1 month ago
C è un grosso interesse da parte del partito comunista ad avere la leadership sul bitcoin
samiazee 1 month ago
Mining BTC banned..
4Launching Yu*n crypto..
In the other hand..
industrial scale mining Move to texas city to dest**y hegemony USD.
Isnt the biggest mistake CCP. No,
its hourse of Troy...
count down for 2024-2035.

Why the mining asset still HOLD...
Only in Media said banned...actualy just moving...
for eficiency electrical Not at all..
for Reshaping [D] world.

wallstreetWOOKS 1 month ago
Miners have been moving out of china, to places like Texas .
This is big because a large amount of miners were based in china before the ban
Abdulmalik Saeed 1 month ago
but why would china ban crypto
wallstreetWOOKS 1 month ago
Its all FuD , china is just tryna kick up as much dirt as they can
Powell k 2 weeks ago
I would like some Intel's of course
kawhiharsh 1 day ago
china had banned crypto mining 3 months ago