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EnglishWant to SAFELY earn interest on my Bitcoin Cash. Looking to find some good DEFI options with their respective APY.

Please give me some good proposals for my stash. Thanks

damnitbro 11 months ago
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pouyahm 11 months ago
My offers can be
1-avax(growth potential: more than 50)
2-uniswap(GP: more than 35)
3-aave(GP: more than 600)
4-chainlink (GP: more than 50
Linn30 11 months ago
Os a new DEFI coin making waves already(big profit in a short time) so the more you HOLD the more you earn...all Related information Is found in the link. Thanks
Muhammad 10 months ago
I think so you should take up Liquidity providing for it you will gain a lot of profit within 2 weeks
Provide it in Pair Of BCH/USDT
Crystal Rogers Stone 10 months ago has a super safe vault at 5% daily.
Beezy🐐 10 months ago
Cryptocurrency is the
Fouzz 10 months ago
ai marketing is the best and the easier
wallstreetWOOKS 10 months ago
Try Gemini: their staking is pretty good . On BCH they offer 4.29 % APY
intheduck 10 months ago
Celsius Network has been really good for me. BCH rate is 4.51% APY for in kind and like a lot of these platforms you earn more if you use those native token. For BCH that goes up to 5.66. Rates change from time to time but I've always found them to be the highest paying platform in the long run and I've been earning yield in my Crypto since 2017 (2019 with Celsius). I've migrated most of my holding there and have made some really great returns. Their token economics are strong too so I've made a lot as Cel token has gone up. I also think CEL has a lot of room to at least double in the short to medium term but I know people who are expecting it to go from around $6 to closer to $100. personally I think that's a bit optimistic but 12-22 in a year is much more likely. I've included my referral link cause we both get $50 in BTC is you use it and free BTC is free BTC.

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 17601645cb when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more!
King Solomon 10 months ago
ai marketing is the best and the easier
Entrepreneurlife 10 months ago
DAI and USDC (2% & 0.15% rates annually respectively) (1%-6%)API

staking and yield farming are also the best ways for passive income.
Jappa 9 months ago
mielie123 9 months ago
I use the Luno platform, has the option to start a investment wallet which gives 4% return. Che ck out Luno on the playstore.
LRDROCKEY 9 months ago
My offers can be 1-avax(growth potential: more than 50) 2-uniswap(GP: more than 35) 3-aave(GP: more than 600) 4-chainlink (GP: more than 50 )
Jeff Donval 8 months ago
I would recommend or Binance app for some good defi/staking or mining options.
jpg113 8 months ago
well compare interest Bitcoin interest towards regular banking interest averaging
jpg113 8 months ago
The word safely would not have any gains, with banks gaining interest of 0.1-0.5% apy i use Coinbase Staking for over 6 months now i have gained 0.09547 in the new ETH 2 that's suppose to be dropping anytime, of course there's some worry, but those gains man think about it
raymart 7 months ago
well i recommend you to stablepool io. or hi. com
lepaa 6 months ago
use binance to hold
1Luvlett 6 months ago
Try coinbase
mk56616 6 months ago
All good if u believe u have earn & good t0 more earning so feel positive u should automatically worry about ur fees so be positive
Numero-uno 5 months ago
You can try Binance app, it has many crypto investments schemes
ramazan 4 months ago
I live in turkey and what is not coming here with your money, unfortunately we do not have debt, we are barely getting enough, if you would send me 1 btc, think about it, I will have 1 flat and a car, how can someone other than me give you morale? Anyway, don't worry dude
ramazan 4 months ago
What is the Difference Between APR and APY?

The main difference between APR and APY is that APY contains compound interest. APR, on the other hand, does not include compound interest.

Imagine you have 100 USDT.

Let's say you have 2 investment options.

Option 1: Let's assume 10% APR if you lock your USDT for one year with 52 Weeks per year.

Option 2: Let's assume 10% APY if you lock your USDT for one year with 52 Week period.


Option-1: 110 USDT is refunded.
Option-2: 110.51 USDT is refunded.

Option B is higher because APY determines the new interest rate to be applied by adding the earnings paid in previous periods in order.
ramazan 4 months ago
If you are involved in the crypto world, you will definitely come across these two concepts that you will encounter most of the time: APR and APY. These two concepts are often confused with each other. In this article, we will answer the question of what is APR and APY, and we will touch on what the concepts mean basically, and the similarities and differences between them.

Both are popular terms used to calculate interest on investment and loan products.

You will often see these terms in crypto exchanges, wallet staking reward calculations or DeFi products. They are also considered an important metric for calculating how much you earn or how much interest you have to pay when applied to your account balances. But even if these two terms sound the same, they have some differences from each other.

For beginners, there is an important distinction that I would like to point out at first. APY (Percent Annual Return) takes compound interest into account, but APR, which stands for annual percentage rate, does not.

Things to Know:

APR represents the annual rate used to make money or borrow money.

The more frequent the compounds of interest, the greater the difference between APR and APY.

APY takes compound interest into account, but APR does not.

Compound interest differs from simple interest in the result that the daily interest rate is multiplied by the number of days between payments.

Generally, a high APY is in favor of the investor, but there are also daily, weekly and monthly displays on asset management platforms. In APY, the monthly interest rate is added up every month.

Investment companies often advertise APY, while lenders prefer to advertise APR.
LOVELY <9 4 months ago

It is best or honest from 10 years.
IsraelAderemi 4 months ago
cryptocurrency is the best way to earn money
Ash_R 3 months ago
As well as know u can deposit here and get your interest and u can also earn BTC for playing games, apps and survey completion. Its a Good Option. Check it out !!
Ash_R 3 months ago
I'm using coinbase to store my asset, it is very secure. Try it !!