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EnglishWant to SAFELY earn interest on my Bitcoin Cash. Looking to find some good DEFI options with their respective APY.

Please give me some good proposals for my stash. Thanks

damnitbro 1 week ago
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pouyahm 1 week ago
My offers can be
1-avax(growth potential: more than 50)
2-uniswap(GP: more than 35)
3-aave(GP: more than 600)
4-chainlink (GP: more than 50
Linn30 5 days ago
Os a new DEFI coin making waves already(big profit in a short time) so the more you HOLD the more you earn...all Related information Is found in the link. Thanks
Muhammad 1 day ago
I think so you should take up Liquidity providing for it you will gain a lot of profit within 2 weeks
Provide it in Pair Of BCH/USDT