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EnglishDogecoin has flipped Litecoin on mining profitability and in Market Cap. What are some unforseen consequences that were not predicted when merged mining was commenced?

Merged mining refers to the use of the work done for one blockchain (i.e., parent blockchain this case Litecoin) on other smaller child blockchains (Dogecoin), using Auxiliary Proof of Work (AuxPoW).

PANAGOT 4 months ago
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Bryan Daniel Jarousak 4 months ago
I would say liquidity
ryan4real89 4 months ago
Liquidity and also the information that was given to you both side users before the merge. You cannot smash two things together without first ensuring both followers of the two things are in the know about all levels of nitty gritty impacts down to the digital level all the way up to terms and such.
Saba 3 months ago
Manasseh 2 months ago
paired coin
lawal555 1 month ago
it is liquidity
Sujal 1 month ago
its liquidity
joeyflow79 1 month ago
the retail miner was not accounted for