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BCH Bitcoin Cash
XTZ Tezos
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EnglishWhich Tezos wallet has the following attributes?

One command back up (print in a safe paper wallet the backup details). Auto compound feature. Easy nice interface for early adopters. Top security. Good support/forum.

fadasma32 2 years ago
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  • Safety
  • Tezos

Sumit 2 years ago
Vukosi 2 years ago
Each Tezos wallet listed below has been checked against their advertised features to see which holds true value and benefits, along with their shortcomings.

1 Etoro

2 coinbase

3 coolwallets

4 Ledger
Vukosi 2 years ago
I would recommend Etoro for the features that you are looking for
Marcio Cardoso 2 years ago
Estas carteiras listadas abaixo tem todos os recursos anunciados.

(1) Etoro

(2) coinbase

(3) Ledger
ABHIJITH VS 2 years ago


best 2 wallet with your demands
John Downes 2 years ago Correct
Atomic wallet; desktop and Mobile.
fadasma32 2 years ago
This is it!
farian 2 years ago
A proof-of-stake consensus algorithm where stakeholders can vote and make changes or upgrade the network.
Wilian 2 years ago
I prefer
mikl 2 years ago
I think Coinbase
vishnu 2 years ago
I think u should prefer
Meftah 2 years ago
Thé portefeuille coinbase
Jordan 2 years ago
I use Coinbase but it's not the best
chua yin pheng 2 years ago
Desmond Anaka 2 years ago
Coinbase is an exchange not a wallet
Desmond Anaka 2 years ago
I recommend trust wallet for you. It has top security and good support as well as forum
Raaj 2 years ago
Coinbase, Coolwallets, Etotoro and ledger are the one you want
GLOBAL Tator 2 years ago
I prefer etoro,coinbase,coolwallets and ledger
ThunderX 2 years ago
Exodus I think