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EnglishDoes a a tool / ecosystem exists that inpects every commit on github and links it to a decentralized security review commit?

Working as a trust network. Like Blockchain where everyone accepts one truth. If yes. please provide me the details. If not available yet, what would it take to make it happen / difficulties on such a notion.

thedrake80 2 months ago
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budget 2 months ago
A DON is a network maintained by a committee of Chainlink ... How Much Cryptoeconomic Security Is Enough? ... Oracles' role in the blockchain ecosystem is to enhance ... will the power of smart contract systems across all blockchains. ... analytics tools, such as those available at and, allow.
Wilian 2 months ago
I use GrowthSuperHub
Hicquebrant 2 months ago
J'utilise GrowthSuperHub