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EnglishBest betting odd website for Poirier win against McGregor.

Looking for the best betting odd with cryptocurrency for a Poirier win. A) Overall score Card B) For knockout in a specific round

paskolnv 1 year ago
  • Ufc

Barima Nekabari 1 year ago
Selcan Serdaroglu 1 year ago
you should take a look at this:
Vukosi 1 year ago Correct
UFC 264 odds for Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 3
Poirier is a very slight favorite at -115, which means you'd have to bet $115 in order to see a $100 profit. McGregor is -104 so a $104 bet will need to be made in order to earn a $100 profit if McGregor comes out victorious. The best betting website for ufc fighting is :
paskolnv 1 year ago
Great. Thanks!
Vukosi 1 year ago
Or or
Sirpee 1 year ago
Dustin Poirier-130, Conor McGregor+110