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Englishwhich is the best crypto to invest now

lama 3 months ago

kingmusab 3 months ago
tronx, xrp, BNB,
Arabome88 2 months ago
jack 3 months ago
Matic Polygon I have 3 bots the volatile is great look what mark Cuban has to say about it
Dhan nirankar 3 months ago Correct
bitcoin is again going to plunge taking many other crypto with it so if you have any convert them to tether
Dhan nirankar 3 months ago
invest in monero as it is private which means only the sender and receiver will know that a transaction was ever done so monero has a great potential
reza 3 months ago
ancing technologies that obfuscate transactions to achieve anonymity and fungibility. Observers cannot decipher addresses trading monero or transaction amounts, and users cannot view the transaction history or balance of other users.
Oluzy 2 months ago
Why not it’ll continue to accept btc
Oluzy 2 months ago
Try get doge coin and shiba inu it’s worth buying