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EnglishSuggest some ideas for Tezos to raise it's recognizability to the likes of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

What can Tezos do or emphasize to improve on awareness. Would like to pass it on the forums that will be recommended on my previous post here. Thanks

tazmas 3 years ago
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SSR4 3 years ago
You should open it for mining and also get the support of some fucet sites so the awareness and interest of people increases .
kingmusab 3 years ago
kingmusab 3 years ago
The Blockchain can create promotions like airdrops, try to engage more followers on the twitter, Facebook, Instagram through the use of Apps like quick crypto, faucet pay. You can also award holders randomly this could draw the attention of others.
natalia 3 years ago Correct
Yield farms, I think today is the ideal, it is where the winds seem to move today, binance smart chain is full of this and you can see the huge amount of money that there is in those farms, all that hinance takes its part of commissions since it is its Blockchain, with much cheaper rates than Ethereum by the way, in Ethereum we can also see where its enormous capital resides, performance farms hosted on the network, I would like to see this type of products in tezos, Tezos has a lot to offer, great potential, but it needs to build up expectation and also money, with money everything is done, I think Tezos needs to open the doors to this, seriously open up to host this type of project, even if it is aside from your original idea tezos could benefit greatly from something like that, it's just my idea, yields farms and NTFS for now 😊 Maybe I sound like noob, it is a great clue, I am part of the bulk of users, the vast majority of users do not have such extensive knowledge, simple and attractive things for this type of audience is a huge idea from my point of view, it is what others do.
kimo2 3 years ago
It's easy. Just ask Elon Musk to tweet about it.
Kangulis3 3 years ago
A few days ago I saw a tweet From a project that is currently holding an airdrop, using the tezoz and bsv platforms. And they complain because the network costs on the tezoz platform are quite high according to them (in the airdrop phase 1) Then in the 2nd phase of the airdrop they used the bsv platform and they said the cost of the network on the bsv platform was cheaper

maybe tezoz can lower transaction fees biaya
So that some new companies/projects glance at and use the tezoz platform
And when new companies/projects using the tezoz platform promote their tokens, they automatically promote tezoz as well.
Josca 3 years ago
Understanding blockchains operations and challenges of these new technologies
Vance 3 years ago
Tweet about it, offer walls and faucets.let it be attractive to users and am sure it will have many referrals.
austin 2 years ago
AIRDROPS! best way to get people intrested in a coin