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EnglishHello to the graphic design fans ! I'm looking for special fonts to download for free. Please tell me some sites that i can find for free. Not payable and not the classic types of fonts. I want fresh ideas. Thanks a lot !

OSIRO89 2 years ago
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Odaykh 2 years ago
Best sites :
shaun 2 years ago
plz look on to this link and yu will find the best font apps for free available on both android and iOS devices...have a good time fonting
Jefferson Johnson 2 years ago
Here they are,
take your time and choose the best which works for you, all are for 2021
sabakhan 2 years ago
u can check it here
Yevhenii Kudriavtsev 2 years ago
esger.002 2 years ago
hello You can download interesting fonts here
Ayush 2 years ago
I found this site quite interesting. you might like to take a look.
Ansh Maurya 2 years ago
You must visit this is free site with 10000+ fonts
Rafeh Waqar 2 years ago
Here are the best sites to download fonts
Font Space:
Font Squirrel:
BERTRAND 2 years ago
Hi. I found this one :
Panash Padi 2 years ago
Thats a list of free font you can get on

But as a designer myself I get what you mean honestly I myself use myfonts fonts there are premium
but we dont always want to pay so if you find a font you like google the name to see if its not out there for free
if its not type the logo name in the sample block and save image as png from here as a graphic designer you know what to do
Matias 2 years ago
Frere Malik 2 years ago
Seyit 2 years ago
Soumya 2 years ago
Certo visti che sono grafica e sto studiando grafica ci sono siti dove ne puoi trovare un sacco prenditi il ​​tuo tempo e scegli il meglio che funziona per te, sono tutti per il 2021
John Downes 2 years ago Correct

Here are five to get u on your way. Hit me up if you want more. :)
OSIRO89 2 years ago
thanks a lot
John Downes 2 years ago
tz1i1WjpYYR2KRxBTanaLibwbSusWa5tgcWf is my tezos receiver address Osiro89. Thank you
John Downes 2 years ago
what is this?:Your funds are safe, we are experiencing connectivity problems with our NANO node and are working on it! I have not received any tips from anywherenot to mind provide my own keys and I'm unable to contact the developer.