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EnglishWould like a Sterling Silver Tray like this. Ideal for Appetizers.

Price Range around $120. Around 45cms. across.

kiwi 1 month ago
  • Sterling
  • Silver
  • Tray
  • House
  • Item
  • Decore
  • Dining
  • Appetizers

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kimo2 1 month ago
Actually it's a meat platter on the image, like this one:

This tray looks interesting:
AmiR 1 month ago
AmiR 1 month ago
chirag patel 1 month ago
Aykut Celik 1 month ago
Xp10yt 1 month ago
Xp10yt 1 month ago
I believe I found exact matches.
$50 |
$56 |
$80 |

However, if you wanted to see other styles, I've added information below.

This website seems to be great for scouring Vintage Silverware from across the net.

I found 3 in this category.'39438g17Rogers%20Bros'e16'1/295/

All the "Rogers" listings I could find on Ebay.

$75 |
Has Feet

$55 |
Has Feet

$49 |
No Feet

$28 |
No Feet

As most of the ads say 1847 Rogers, I found this website where you can see all the different patterns they used over the years.

However there seems to be another company that was making a similar product. W&S Blackinton Chippendale.'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

And here are all their Ebay Ads

$25 |
$106 |
$77 |
$46 |
$75 |
$141 |
$100 |

I also found a nameless ones that come with the removable trays
$129 |

Here is by far the best condition one with removeable covers that I found. Way above your price range at $400USD and need to use a russian website.

There are other companies that made this product, Poole, Pilgrim and Oneida

$115 |'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

$55 |
$120 |'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

$49 |'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

If none of these are close enough, I would just play around with the wording on, for example.

Silver Plated Footed Meat

Silver Plated Tree

Silver serving tree'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

You could also check Etsy

Good Luck

Yasin 1 month ago
Ramazan 1 month ago
Trendyol a bak bulabilirsin orda
nubari 4 weeks ago
Beatriz Ball Forest Rectangular Tray-Large - $107.41
nubari 4 weeks ago
Beautiful piece for dining and entertaining
Handcrafted rustic and tactile richness inspired by the woods
Tray measures 23.75x 11.75x 2
Hand wash only
Made of a top quality, FDA safe, easy-care, oven and freezer friendly aluminum alloy
romy 2 weeks ago
No. It is too heavy to use and really today there are so many nicer plates