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EnglishWould like a Sterling Silver Tray like this. Ideal for Appetizers.

Price Range around $120. Around 45cms. across.

kiwi 4 months ago
  • Sterling
  • Silver
  • Tray
  • House
  • Item
  • Decore
  • Dining
  • Appetizers

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kimo2 4 months ago
Actually it's a meat platter on the image, like this one:

This tray looks interesting:
AmiR 4 months ago
AmiR 4 months ago
chirag patel 4 months ago
Aykut Celik 4 months ago
Xp10yt 4 months ago
I believe I found exact matches.
$50 |
$56 |
$80 |

However, if you wanted to see other styles, I've added information below.

This website seems to be great for scouring Vintage Silverware from across the net.

I found 3 in this category.'39438g17Rogers%20Bros'e16'1/295/

All the "Rogers" listings I could find on Ebay.

$75 |
Has Feet

$55 |
Has Feet

$49 |
No Feet

$28 |
No Feet

As most of the ads say 1847 Rogers, I found this website where you can see all the different patterns they used over the years.

However there seems to be another company that was making a similar product. W&S Blackinton Chippendale.'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

And here are all their Ebay Ads

$25 |
$106 |
$77 |
$46 |
$75 |
$141 |
$100 |

I also found a nameless ones that come with the removable trays
$129 |

Here is by far the best condition one with removeable covers that I found. Way above your price range at $400USD and need to use a russian website.

There are other companies that made this product, Poole, Pilgrim and Oneida

$115 |'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

$55 |
$120 |'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

$49 |'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

If none of these are close enough, I would just play around with the wording on, for example.

Silver Plated Footed Meat

Silver Plated Tree

Silver serving tree'e1254'1g19BestMatch'h23h13e16'1/295/

You could also check Etsy

Good Luck

Yasin 3 months ago
Ramazan 3 months ago
Trendyol a bak bulabilirsin orda
nubari 3 months ago
Beatriz Ball Forest Rectangular Tray-Large - $107.41
nubari 3 months ago
Beautiful piece for dining and entertaining
Handcrafted rustic and tactile richness inspired by the woods
Tray measures 23.75x 11.75x 2
Hand wash only
Made of a top quality, FDA safe, easy-care, oven and freezer friendly aluminum alloy
romy 3 months ago
No. It is too heavy to use and really today there are so many nicer plates
Crystal Rogers Stone 2 months ago

Zab 2 months ago
That looks really good for a bread appetizer
Miss Mike 1 month ago
For appetizers of the classic variety that specific tray is not ideal. It would behoove you to get one with handles and at least 27 inches long with small feet on it that could be put on a soft surface such as an ottoman safely. The North Carolina Company, '' is a very great favorite of mine.
Miss Mike 1 month ago
Plus they have a range in price in both sterling and silverplate, as well.
Miss Mike 1 month ago
You cannot purchase sterling silver for that price. Try the price of $1120. The price you are asking of $120. is for silverplate, not sterling. The general price for sterling in England and USA relates to .725 troy oz., whereas in China or France it is .0750 troy oz. So it differs from coin sterling which is .999 troy oz. You must specify in which category or you will not get the proper valuations. I would suggest the silverplate as comfortable substitute and with proper, gentle care it will work well for many years to come.
Miss Mike 1 month ago
Pardon me, I meant .750 troy oz.