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EnglishWhere can I find a Samsung Gear VR Controller?

I have a Gear VR headset, but not a controller. I want one like the attached image.<br /> <br /> Thanks!

Elia Mörling 8 years ago
  • Vr

slo887 8 years ago
It officially supports the Samsung Wireless GamePad (Android) that costs $79.99 or the Moga Pro $79.99 or the SteelSeries $71.99.

samsung is not available right now
Elia Mörling 8 years ago
Sorry I only want the Samsung one
arish 8 years ago
you can go Samsung outlet and can buy there directly because in internet there is many scammers .....
Elia Mörling 8 years ago
I will take my chances :)
Afro0 8 years ago
Elia Mörling 8 years ago
Thanks I already have the headset, but looking for the handcontroller