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EnglishAnyone know the artist behind this 1979 cover to David Heller’s Vortex?

Artist isn't mentioned in the book's page. Source:

PANAGOT 2 years ago
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Amber 2 years ago
Amber 2 years ago
Maybe this excerpt would help some:
"Keller, alongside the artist Nik Kosmas form a collective called AIDS-3D which explores techno-utopianism along with other popular notions of progress. Recent projects have included the series Ideal Work (Creative Solutions) (2010–2011), multi-coloured solar panels styled after Mondrian canvases and OMG Obelisk (2007)."
MOHAMMAD KHAN 2 years ago Correct
Gervasio Gallardo - he was one of the leading book cover artist of 1979 and famous as well.
Shane 2 years ago
Since never has it been seen an illustrator not crediting himself for his work so my assume is that the cover was made by "Avon"! yes the same company who published the book(Vortex). as there is no mention of the illustrator of the book-cover.
ABHIJITH VS 2 years ago
may be Boris Vallejo, Vallejo works almost exclusively in the fantasy and erotica genres
kingmusab 2 years ago
from the Narration of the fiction, a good consideration is that he the Artist, named the book after his name. David Heller. That why he never wrote it inside the book.
Shane 2 years ago
he was. the author
dee 2 years ago
If you look on bottom right of the artwork, you'll see the artist's name.
shaddy 2 years ago
Gervssio Gallardo
Raptus26 2 years ago
It could be Marris David
Jeremy Rose Vallestero 2 years ago
I'm not 100% sure but i think it was boris vallejo
Anjo Francisco 2 years ago
It's James Alan Fox who made the paperback of this book.
John Downes 2 years ago You can borrow it here.
John Downes 2 years ago
More on flickr Already down the rabbit hole This will help you find the artist
thomas COLIN 2 years ago
Looks like a Gary Ruddell illustration
Gökhan 2 years ago
Madonna'yı andırıyor bence. Umdum işe yarar
NesoTrades 2 years ago
Hi its Gervssio Gallardo.
Geraldine 2 years ago
Gervssio Gallardo, is the editor of the cover of the book "Vortex"
Đorđe Jovanović 2 years ago
Ethen Simon 2 years ago
it coould be David
NellyAlly 1 year ago
It looks like it is work of Gervasio Gallardo, it reminds me of his works. I can not find some book currently as reference but it relly does look like his work.
Matthew S Engle 1 year ago
his name is boy de haas.
Lourens Hugo 1 year ago
Gervasio Gallardo - he was one of the leading book cover artist of 1979 and famous as well.