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EnglishCan you help me find a crypto mobile wallet for AVAX (Avalanche) assets?

I would like a non-custodial, user-friendly wallet for iPhone.

Satoshi's Angels 7 months ago
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Odaykh 7 months ago
Is the best
Mr Trenzs 7 months ago
For the iPhone users Sinzu is better! Here's the download link 👉
John Downes 7 months ago
Atomic Wallet
Chenna 7 months ago
If You Want Make Your Money Safe & Secure.
➖Overall, the Edge wallet is a highly competent mobile crypto wallet. It is very safe, secure, and user-friendly, making for an excellent user experience. The wallet does not support an extensive list of cryptos, but they have plans for supporting more soon
Abdo1 7 months ago
If this an ETh asset uses myetherwaller
Abdo1 7 months ago
Use trustwallet
Shane 7 months ago
I suggest to keep your funds in the web as it has less chances of being hacked or stolen and ev n I'd it was done you would still get your money back, here is the link
Jonathan Thomson 7 months ago

They do their own non custodial wallet....

Or use Metamask. You need to start with the avax web wallet above first.

Then set up Metamask custom RPC

Buy some AVAX on Binanace to start then you can send it to you avax (x xhain) transfer to your avax (c chain) then send to your Metamask Avax (c chain address) and your set for Pangolin!
kingmusab 7 months ago
this are the list of 5 top avalanche wallet both hardware and software supported by iPhones
jayson ravela 7 months ago
Use trust wallet on playstore
ABHIJITH VS 7 months ago
Coin98 Wallet, a simple and secure non-custodial crypto wallet, has integrated with Avalanche. By integrating with Avalanche, Coin98 is expanding the opportunities for its users to access the growing DeFi community on the platform, while also offering the Avalanche community a new wallet option.
karimdali 7 months ago
Coin98 Wallet
Coin98 Wallet supports AVAX, collaborating with Avalanche to drive adoption for DeFi
Adams Saah 7 months ago
empire_p_ 7 months ago
Trust wallet the best and secured
Dark Death 7 months ago
Coin98 supports Avalanche
Israel 7 months ago
Coin98 Wallet, a simple and secure non-custodial crypto wallet, ... Coin98 Wallet will help Avalanche tap into one
Reza saremi 7 months ago
This is the best and safest wallet for your currency
amgad 7 months ago
(AtomicWallet)very nice
David Sanchez 7 months ago
Blockstream Green is one of the most unique and secure iOS Bitcoin wallets on the market. It uses a 2-of-2 style backup so if you ever lose your backup, you can use any two factor authentication to recover it. It's also super simple to set up and requires no registration other than an email address. You can even store your Liquid assets on Blockstream green now.

Easy to set up
Excellent fee estimation
Two-Factor multi-sig
Great support
Compatible with Ledger and Trezor Hardware Wallets
Some features are advanced for beginners
Using two-factor recovery can be confusing
Yugal Kishor Solanki 7 months ago
coinbase us bast crypto wallet
YOU CAN USE Ledger Nano X Wallet
This is the best for AVAX.
Leonardo 7 months ago
coinbase or blockchain wallet
David sullivan 7 months ago
try coin 98 it's made just for that crypto currency
Maria 7 months ago
Use exodus. It is perfect for what you are looking for.
Roland Flores 6 months ago
Nano x is my personal favorite. Desktop and app support, state of the art security and easy to use
ruchik purani 6 months ago
try to search on play store or app store ''coinbase wallet'' im using since day ones
Damilola 6 months ago
Use edge wallet
jamescarter 6 months ago
try atomic wallet
Gikonyo 3 months ago
nano wallet
ledger wallet
mba 1 month ago
Go to
Devic 3 weeks ago
Coin 98 wallet
Coinbase wallet
Binance wallet etc ...