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EnglishWhere can I get this pair of shoes below 150 usd?

It’s a pair of over-the-knee boots with western stitching and soft leather. I want them shipped to Japan.

Satoshi's Angels 2 years ago
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Odaykh 2 years ago Correct
I found it

Link for similar products:
ndien 2 years ago
kimo2 2 years ago
Wait for the price reduction on Poshmark (current price - $200):
Bilal Aydın 2 years ago
80 usd
Francesca 2 years ago
You may like this site it has different colors of the same boot.
Francesca 2 years ago
I fund This exact same one is $80
Christian Alex Pingkian 2 years ago
Hello! I saw it in we called Ukay-ukay in the Philippines, there's a lot of different shoes there, to be exact location, it is found in Fairview, Quezoin City
The 4th of July has come and gone, but the summer is just starting to heat up. You're ditching your heavy shoes (and socks), and searching for something fresh enough to sport as the temperatures rise. The summer is also the time when you're out having fun everyday, and if you're cash-strapped, you don't want to spend all of your money on clothes you can't afford to go out in. So if you can get a good deal on your new kicks, it's a definite plus. With this idea in mind, we've compiled an affordable set of footwear that ranges from penny loafers and boat shoes to wingtips and lightweight running sneakers, for whatever your tastes may be. Your mother always told you not to wear your new shoes until school started, but it will be tough to keep these pairs in your closet until September. Here are The Best Shoes Under $150 Right Now

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Islander2 2 years ago boot at 59 dollars
Amen 2 years ago
it's brand Women's High Top Rider Boots and you can get it through these links

in Amazon only 57$
M 2 years ago
Hi! You can find a pair of over-the-knee boots on WISH website below 150 USD and they can be shipped to Japan. If you want to ship internationally from the Wish United States, you’re going to need a United States physical address.
There are plenty of companies based in the US offering US addresses to customers that they can use and will also help with international shipping. The companies are called Freight Forwarders and are based in the US and once you open an account with them they will give you a US-based address where you can send any packages you order from US-based companies and services. ships to all the cities in Japan such as:
Wakayama, Kanagawa, Hyōgo, Yamagata, Gifu, Fukuoka, Ibaraki, Saitama, Gunma, Niigata, Tottori, Mie, Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto, Kumamoto, Toyama, Shimane, Ōsaka, Yamaguchi, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Tokushima, Oita, Saga Prefecture, Tokyo, Yamanashi, Nagano, Okayama, Aichi, Ishikawa, Fukui, Miyazaki, Kagawa, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Nara, Akita, Chiba, Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Kochi, Ehime, Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, Hokkaido, Aomori.

WISH link with over-the-knee boots:
karimdali 2 years ago
I found a very detailed answer for your question. I hope it can help you
Kartik@2018 2 years ago
You will definitely get it on following link, and there is also amazing offers and deals available on thin site. Hope this will help you
Adams Saah 2 years ago
visit this site but fact is, the price are not stable
click on the link and enjoy best prices you never get else where
Vukosi 2 years ago
I found similar boots on wish, link below
Vukosi 2 years ago
💰 Look what I found on Wish! I'm giving you R69 off your first purchase with code: ctfkmdgw
Smyles328 2 years ago
I found them here for 60.99 same boots!
bosschi 2 years ago
Just go to Amazon site or wish and purchase it. Thanks
shaddy 2 years ago
check out this 1
Kaisar 2 years ago
nice boots
empire_p_ 2 years ago

Gautham Shankar 2 years ago
Just look here so that you will be pleased to buy it. Which is rich in quality and premium in looks
Terry Mwangi 2 years ago
The Jilted leather boot. You can find them in DAN POST BOOTS.

Dan Post is an iconic western brand with a heritage of challenging the status quo. In a time when cowboy boots needed a break-in period to be comfortable, they believed there was a better way. They were the first to design a boot that provided comfort from the first step. From that moment, their name became synonymous with superior fit, innovative design, and handcrafted cushion comfort.

To this day, they've stayed true to their roots. Each boot starts with the finest exotic skins and premium leathers and is handcrafted with both artistry and comfort in mind. They promise careful attention to detail throughout all 160 steps of their process to ensure the highest level of quality. Because of this, their boots offer the most comfortable experience in western footwear.
Ifeoluwa Micheal 2 years ago
Though named for stealth, sneakers can make a loud statement about who you are and what you value. Sneakers, or trainers, can be bold and dynamic, or they can discreetly dance the line between professional and leisurely. They can be artfully integrated into all kinds of outfits. Even a suit and tie ensemble can be punctuated by the right pair of sneakers. The versatility of sneakers is matched only by the diversity of aesthetics available on the market today.

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abdullah 2 years ago
tamamen aynısı ₺184.66
Samkit 2 years ago
Same is available at at best price
thomas COLIN 2 years ago

thomas COLIN 2 years ago
thomas COLIN 2 years ago
On my two last answers, you Can get exactly the same for reasonable price... Enjoy ;)
bobby12 2 years ago
wait for the price reduction,it is called ukay ukay in philippines
Mallick 2 years ago
Jordan 2 years ago
Lisa Amen 2 years ago
Links for similar products
Robert 2 years ago
You can find them on
reza 2 years ago
Djkaymix 2 years ago
wait for the price reduction,it is called ukay ukay in philippines
TOM GARA 2 years ago
TOM GARA 2 years ago
Fahmi321 2 years ago
I found the item Link for similar products:
Daniel 2 years ago
You may like this site it has different colors of the same boot.
Crystal Rogers Stone 2 years ago
$68.34 usd
Oluzy 2 years ago
Just for $32.56

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Silver 2 years ago