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Englishwhere can I exchange bitcoin anonymously without a single I'd

Shane 1 month ago

Sham Mugal 1 month ago Correct
Coin base is best site for exchange crypto currency into USD and USD to not crypto currency
Shane 1 month ago
it needs verification when you try to withdraw crypto
BTC GOD 4 weeks ago
If your still interested in figuring out how exchanging bitcoin with no ID anonymously, contact me i will show you where to go and walk you through the process... im not allowed to post it on this site for legal reasons. You can reach me at 3342593755. I had this same problem but i found a way around it.
Marina 1 month ago
No he is not the best
jd 1 month ago
trust wallet it's the best option
Shane 1 month ago
in trust wallet you need to have some crypto of the other sources to pay for the fees
Kenne Ruth Joël 1 month ago
You can exchange bitcoin anonymously without a single ID on this following website:
Its a peer to peer marketplace that does not requires ID to transact on the platform and has buyers and sellers across the world
- bitsquare.
Its a peer to peer market place for crypto currency like bitcoin. There you
exchange bitcoin without ID
-changelly is also on of the best anonymous crypto exchange platform
Shane 1 month ago
it requires kyc
Babs 1 month ago
Müslüm 1 month ago
First decide which crypto you will start with.
than download wallet. for example bitcoin this is android wallet:
you can buy stellar directly from this site without id (or few other cryptos)
you can use for buy any crypto without id. or
you must have eligible wallet for any crypto you buy. or you can use trust wallet or guarda wallet or something. you can ask me which wallet for which crypto.
you can use for simple swap
you can exchange in ethereum network in (you need metamask for that)
or bsc network in (you need binance smartchain wallet)
if you have questions you can ask to me.
Shane 1 month ago
it either requires verification or they just offer to buy or sell
Müslüm 1 month ago
Aykut Celik 1 month ago
i think the best
Müslüm 1 month ago
kyc gerekli olana hacı. adam anonim istiyor.
Sangeeth V Mathews 1 month ago
Download TOR Browser.
Then go to this link (Inside TOR) : http://zwf5i7hiwmffq2bl7euedg6y5ydzze3ljiyrjmm7o42vhe7ni56fm7qd.onion/
Müslüm 1 month ago
don't do that!!!!
SixCode 1 month ago
I think you can use these websites. Link:
2.Bitquare Link:
Please give me the prize :)
Shane 1 month ago
it's requires verification
ndumiso 1 month ago
you can buy bitcoin anonymously @ paxful,BitQuick and coincorner
ndumiso 1 month ago
you can buy bitcoin anonymously @ paxful,BitQuick and coincorner
Shane 1 month ago
paxful requires verification
Amen 1 month ago
install wallet on your mobile either it's Samsung or iPhone when you install it register it and boom buy , sell and convert any crypto with out id and verification
it's simple wallet app and I know you will enjoy it.
Shane 1 month ago
first check if you can really conver every crypto to other
Amen 1 month ago
it supports BTC, BCH,USDT
it's simplest way to convert with out id or verification
and you wouldn't find exchanging crypto with out id
so take your choice
Shane 1 month ago
yes and. please do note what you said in your answer..
Shane 1 month ago
Amen 1 month ago
i mean it for btc to bch or usdt sorry for misunderstanding if you went those options just use it because it secure and fast and without id's
best regards
Shane 1 month ago
I could have always exchanged crypto from person 2 person and just to speed up my process I am looking for an online exchange
Amen 1 month ago
oh ok
and i always use kraken and binance they are fast but they need ID's and address verification
clumzy 1 month ago
Binance, is the best. For anonymity, go with exodos (, no registration and verification required.
clumzy 1 month ago
you can clean your coins for free. and stay safe on the block chain
SUAT BAKIR 1 month ago
faucetpay öneririrm
SUAT BAKIR 1 month ago
faucetpay öneririm
Shane 1 month ago
stop spamming
Doublekill 1 month ago
You can use this site, is anonymously
yk n mk 1 month ago
Cyrpto wallet
Gürhan 1 month ago
Binance is perfect site. Need verification, you find lots of coin for exchange.
Best egbuson 1 month ago
I think the best app is BINANCE you can get it on playstore, it's security is a 100% tight because your coins are on a safer side, it's coin BNB is the fastest increasing coin for this year 2021
Shane 1 month ago
I am not asking for security classes or the fastest increasing coins and yes I tried and it needs verification
Sunil Panwar 1 month ago
You can simply use coinbase or bitpay
Sunil Panwar 1 month ago
You can simply use coinbase or bitpay
mohammad 1 month ago
Ori 1 month ago
Here are some options:

- Bisq
- Localcryptos

I must add: Some sellers on those site/platforms may ask you for an ID. So you will ahve to look up for those who don't. I recommend Bisq as the finest way to trade BTC anonymously.
austin 1 month ago
their is no way you can swap crypto without Id verification but you can be creative and change it to other coins by visiting websites like cointiply and deposit bitcoin and can then withdraw doge, or you can to swap bitcoin to fun and vice versa. so you can be creative and easily swap your crypto without having to pay swapping fees which many websites take
Nabeel Basheer 1 month ago so far i just needed an email to buy btc
Shane 1 month ago
thanks >&
Shane 1 month ago
first see the question then answer it
Rushikesh More Patil 1 month ago
Coin base is best platform to exchange Bitcoin
ranjith 1 month ago
coin base is the best app to exchange cryptocurrency
it is the easy way to exchange