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EnglishWhat new features/improvements would you like to be added on the Bitfortip website.

Suggestions can be anything that can improve the user experience. UI, new features etc. Best suggestion will earn the BCH reward. Thank you

Bitfortip 3 months ago
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Odaykh 3 months ago
1- convert any cryptocurrency to other one
2- add send cryptocurrency button to any member on this site
3- delete any question that takes more than a month to choose the correct answer
Bitfortip 2 months ago
Number 2 is nice, will give you indirectly a BCH reward.
ndiulo 2 months ago
would like it if you don't have to like the comment before being rewarded but by people as well as the amount of people liking the comments also
Lrdood 2 months ago
i want direct payment
Prasanna Shikhare 3 months ago
cryptocurreny converter and some more cryptocurrencies
Shane 3 months ago
add more currency like etherum and make it also an exchange where users can deposit cash and then turn it into a selected crypto before asking question
Shane 3 months ago
2) the person who asks the question should be able to block the comments after the question is correctly answered
Shane 3 months ago
advertising "bitfortip" will increase the users hence giving rise to question being asked
Shane 3 months ago
people should not be able to copy others answers as the just copy some else answer and answer
Shane 3 months ago
users should be able to change the crypto currency for example if someone deposits 1 bch then he should be able to withdraw the same amount in bitcoin or any other crypto
Shane 3 months ago
there should be a way to increase the reward if the question is not being answered for example suppose you asked a question but the question is very tough so people are not wanting to use their time to search it up bcoz they think it is not worth it so to avoid that you could add reward to an already asked questions
Bitfortip 2 months ago
This is a nice feature, will give you indirectly a BCH reward.
Shane 3 months ago
to increase your users in this website you can use a referral system and trust me it's very effective like you can give the person who reffered mr x 0.0000001 bch every time mr x asks a question
Shane 3 months ago
to avoid your loss in referral system you can convert the crypto in bitcoin and. keep in popular websites which gives interest example :-
Shane 3 months ago
users should be able to opt in or out of email notifications preferences such as I get disturbed when some one comments rubbish after my question has been answered and it also adds junk on my mail so their should be an system which will allow the user to out out for special preferences
Shane 3 months ago
should also add private answering bcoz some people just get the basis of others answer and draft their own answer
lama 3 months ago
it takes time to show an question in website when asked through app
Yashvi 3 months ago
1) Adding more cryptocurrencies so that one can easily convert one to another
2) make it worldwide available
3) Can directly send crypto to a fellow user on the site
ahmet 3 months ago
Direct Transfer of Deposit
dee 3 months ago
* I can't seem to delete or edit an answer I've posted.
* It would be fun to have a monthly or weekly lotto pool (.01 nano / person?) where the site owner takes a cut and the rest goes to 5 random people who contribute.

It's a great site by the way. Thanks for making it happen.
millions 3 months ago
I love it the way it is but just need a general upgrading on the site to make it more functional and faster..
that's my opinion
kimo2 3 months ago Correct
* Add active links in questions/answers (not direct, through redirection page).
* Add captcha when posting an answer.
* Fix answer removing bug (the Delete button doesn't work) or/and disable double click on the Post button.
* What are tags used for?
* Display rewarded answer on top of the list.
* Sort closed inquiries by the closing date, not the opening date.
* Fix feed syncronization with social networks (e.g. twitter doesn't show all rewarded answers).
* Announced cryptocurrency conversation option would be great.
Good luck!
EcsedBathory 3 months ago
categories, being able to mark a post as an answer or just a comment
king 3 months ago
Bring in new crypto currency and wallet ..
Clara 3 months ago
almost things are okay with this site but I guess they should increase the rate of payment to like 0.0010 bch and above
Mira 3 months ago
if I past in a wrong answer on bitfortip it's never possible for me to remove it or make some changes/ corrections ...
and also if I post Once I can't post again for 2nd opinion (just suggested)
Momoh Michael 3 months ago
Term's and policy before signing in
forge667 3 months ago
Direct Transfer of Deposit
jho 3 months ago
I new on this app but the color maybe
Vipin Kumar 3 months ago
1.Add Dark Mode which makes the site to look cool.
2. Add more payment options to the site.
Aykut Celik 3 months ago
different crypto rewards will attract people's attention. You are also moving very well. achievements
rei-chan 2 months ago
when I first discovered the site I expected an home page with all the description, history and maybe more pictures, also I'd have moved the youtube video in the center of the (when I first spotted it with the tail of my eye I thought it was an ad, on a second look I understood its real purpose). I'd also allineate the language button next to the crypto icons, when I was taking a web development course the teacher wanted everything on the same asset and the end result was cuter in the end. I'd also add a filter to sort offerts by prizes or comments! Still love the project!
Bitfortip 2 months ago
Thank you for loving Bitfortip :D
Karolina 2 months ago
add more currency like etherum and make it also an exchange
Uğur akyüz 2 months ago
How can get free btc
sean dadban 2 months ago
add a function where you can see the questions you have answered. It could even be small and be put on the corner
Bitfortip 2 months ago
Nice proposal, will give you indirectly a BCH reward.
Sheena Auman 2 months ago
Watching videos and giving opinions
Sasi 2 months ago
Answered frame can be made different color ..
M 2 months ago
1. Dark theme
2. Swapping crypocurrency to the other one
Miss Mike 2 months ago
Most of your questions have to do with Internet connectivity/applications, so to address the cultural, historic, and fashion world perhaps you could bring more variety for students who need other people that can dredge up long forgotten information that can make their papers more relevant in a cyclical world of today.
Bitfortip 2 months ago
Yep, students evolved in fashion, culture need to be engaged as they will find it really handy. Will give you indirectly a BCH reward.
Sepehr 2 months ago
being able to sort questions.
Johnis Sotirxos 2 months ago
i think that is essential to ad a crypto converter.
frankie 2 months ago
Direct transfer deposit and also adding BNB token I see so much value there, in my opinion it is currently out shining Bitcoin the giant.
Lrdood 2 months ago
I want direct payment
Dextlin 2 months ago
1. In the near future I suggest and hope Bitfortip should change the name to something like Coin4Tip. Basically the name "Bit "is kinda limited to one cryp-curreny.
2. I wish also rendering of services should be added, not only questions. Eg; asking Someone to write a code, design a book cover, poster, etc. . . .
3. Adding of other stable coins
Rai 2 months ago
more payment options