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EnglishGive me more information about this tweet where he states 9.000 Bitcoin were market sold on Binance.

What I am looking for: Where the BTC sitting idle on the exchange? Was there a whale alert bot on twitter stating the movement of coins? Chart of the sell. Did he buy again after the crush?

sailormoon 3 weeks ago
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lama 3 weeks ago
yes the crypto was sitting idle in the exchange. and as for how he knew the price drop beforehand there are several experts who can predict the price ce of certain crypto on certain week
lama 3 weeks ago
as for he bought it or not nobody knows
Aykut Celik 3 weeks ago
If so, of course there are also 9000 BTC buyers. Big companies are making purchases all the time. It seems that there are no strange occurrences in the 24-hour volume, so we cannot comment definitively on this view.not financial advice
smajl 3 weeks ago
most people sell itcoon today
dee 3 weeks ago Correct
I don't think anyone can know for sure if this person bought after the dip. It seems the wallet addresses are unknown at this time.
Abatchari musa 3 weeks ago
16 April.

9000 BTC was sent into Binance, read that as a sell off of those coins.

I'd note that Binance serves volume from Asia more than the West. It's likely this was sent in from a whale with closer knowledge to happenings in China.
bits2blocks 2 weeks ago
not sure but his method was awesome
millions 2 weeks ago
We just saw the single largest 1-day drop in mining hash rate since Nov 2017. The hash rate on the network essentially halved, causing mayhem in BTC price as it crashed

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Nikshep 3 hours ago : data
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