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EnglishLooking for a link and some information for those high heels. Alonso andretti is the brand.

Do they have a resale value those that I have? How much are they worth brand new? Can you find similar design from another reputable brand? Thanks

kiwi 3 weeks ago
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Matias Gustavo Gonzalez Ricciardi 3 weeks ago
Hi, i found plenty models of that designer:

-Someone selling heels from that designer with a starting price of NZD $35 and selling them for NZD $18 - -.
-Here another model with a higher price NZD $45.00 - -.
-Other for NZD $35.00 - -

So, concluding on the pricing this designer heels cost i'll say they can be sold for something between NZD $20 to NZD $30. Also it depends on the condition and look of the shoe. They look really good, you can trim the threads that hang loose on the zipper and clean the insole to make them look newer!
Good luck with the sell.
lama 3 weeks ago
here this may help you
kimo2 3 weeks ago
It looks like a copy of Michael Kors shoes.
kimo2 3 weeks ago Correct
kiwi 2 weeks ago
Unbelievable likeness. Thank you.
Miss Mike 3 weeks ago
That designer seems to be from the Australian/New Zealand retail market selling in the price range from $41. 50 to $45.00 range. I think perhaps you may find similar dancing shoes from Italy but at a far more expensive price. But from the looks they are finely made with well stitched lining which speaks very highly of the fabricator. They should sell well on resale for approximately $55. to $60. They not outshine the dress and jewelry but complement them and be very danceable.
kiwi 2 weeks ago
Thank you for your lovely comments.
Abatchari musa 2 weeks ago
millions 2 weeks ago click url =H and tap the correct CAPTCHA to get what you want and also the information too
Mira 2 weeks ago
Mira 1 week ago