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EnglishLooking for this image "Bitcoin trader vs Cthulhu" in the best resolution possible.

Looking for a high resolution image of the image that is in this cup. Thank you

PANAGOT 3 months ago
  • Bitcoin
  • Trader
  • Cthulhu

Johnson Godw 3 months ago
Based on your expectation.
There is no specific match but for well analysised picture of Cthulhu with Bitcoin trading analysis.
Yasser Bouchafra 3 months ago
I found it !! :
PANAGOT 3 months ago
Close but it is low resolution and trading lines are missing.
Clement Collins 3 months ago
Its impossible to find it unless u give it to a graphics designer to do it for you and paste it on red bubble for you to buy it from there OK!
pinkwhale 3 months ago Correct

I think this is what you're looking for.
PANAGOT 3 months ago
Yes this it. I can see that you uploaded it on imgbb. Do you have it on an even higher resolution? If not it's ok. Will mark yours answer as correct.
pinkwhale 3 months ago
Hello. that's the only one.
PANAGOT 3 months ago
OK. Thank you. The reward is yours.

P.S if you ever find anything else on a higher or full image let me know. Kind regards
Pham Quang Huy 3 months ago
I hope this is what you are looking for. :3
Atif Idrees 3 months ago
i found it ....High resolution

check it out
Vipin Singh 3 months ago
Awesome octopus 🐙🐙🐙🐙
Mohammed Nadjib 3 months ago
your pic
RmSy 3 months ago
Hello sa 'yo, Panagot:

you may try checking or downloading the photo from this link:

Cthulhu desktop size:

cthulhu 4k size:

PS: it's my first time here at bitfortip so I hope those mentioned help somehow. May God bless you sir. Salamat.

Abatchari musa 3 months ago
jonathan hernan d aleo 3 months ago

la encontre !!!
goodbahdguy 3 months ago
looking so nice
Efex 3 months ago
Hey check this out I found what you seek
Adams Saah 2 months ago