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EnglishWhat should we do next?

we move our project Spartan 300 to Binance Smart chain, and create a farm that have a APY of 1000%. supply is: 300 telegram: We are doing paid ADS on 4channel. But right now we dont know how to improve this project?

Spartan 4 weeks ago

haktan 4 weeks ago
Please give more information.In this way ı can help you
Spartan 4 weeks ago
I just post it there all the info
haktan 4 weeks ago
There may be character improvement.
raghu 3 weeks ago
the promotions with offer should be done
iqbal 2 weeks ago
make app and promote and made a joiners do attract referrals
jokky 1 week ago
you can create a telegram bot, telegram bot invites a lot of people.. telegram bot like zec click can also advertise for you
Spartan 4 weeks ago
Just got Launch at Pancakeswap right now !!
Main Focus will be the NFTs and the Role Play at discord.

🔹 Listing Price: 1BNB = 1B300

🔹Name: Spartan ( b300 )
💎Total supply: 300
🔥Contract: 0x3c462e6fe7043f076af33640c5e24388e2ee9ebc


🔥APY its 1000%, just need to liquidity at pancakeswap B300/BNB and earn b300 + TEN
🔹How to earn rewards?
Jolayemi Joseph 4 weeks ago
All you need to do is to get more promotions for your project using some freelancer on or They can help you with your project just table to them what you need to improve the awareness of your work and I am sure you will smile at the end of the project.
Spartan 4 weeks ago

· Move 120 tokens to BSC ✅ -
· Sell 45 Token for 45 BNB ✅
· Add 45 300 and 45 BNB at pancakes swap(liquidity) ✅
· Create rewards for liquity providers on pancakeswap with 30 tokens ✅
· Create NFT ♻️ We are aiming 1 NFT per month!
· Locked all liqudity at uniswap for 100 years ✅
· Weekly Payments for TOP 10 Spartan (300) Holders ✅
· Weekly Payments for TOP 10 Iron Bars Holders ✅
· Buy Back system ♻️
· Add more Liquidity ✅
· Create NFT for Clans ♻️
· Look for good CEX exchanges to list 300 ♻️
· Invite other projects to join the Clans ♻️
· New Roles + NFTs ♻️
· Youtube Advertisement ♻️
·Twitter Advertisement ♻️
· Add logo on Trust Wallet ♻️
· To everyone that own at least 1 B300 there is a private discord channel where you get weekly rewards ( DM me) 🔥
Crisiel Grace Yambao 4 weeks ago
Try to promote your channels through Online job websites, and other social media.
GIL PAJUYO 4 weeks ago
Better hire a VA for your product and you can simply search it in FB and I suggest those VA groups in the Philippines. Need not to worry for they will make it a blast once You engage them since their charge is so darn cheap for $4 /hour
Tiisetso 4 weeks ago
Do a market research your project components and your target market, so that you can have a whole clear over view about how to move foward
Vlad 4 weeks ago
start with airdorps and all other way of have more people follow or trade on spartan
Tawanda Chitambala 4 weeks ago
Your overthinking everything if your not getting the results you need, look at the big online giants in there respective niches e.g youtube, instagram, facebook, look and your banding, logo, Rebranding helps as well , you dont need to change the name or anything major a adding new colour that pop and stand out for more eye catching presentation type of adverts, you need ads that attract, affiliate marketing make it a lil more beneficial to the affiliates. fiver for freelance work, is great for new and creative ideas.
hope this helps
BillionaireYusuf 4 weeks ago Correct
You can get Real target traffic from anywhere in the world to find out about your project through Gigs work website. Like and the rest of them
Try my idea and you won't regret it.
BillionaireYusuf 3 weeks ago
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Odaykh 3 weeks ago
You can make a youtube video about it
Ikemefuna Daniel 3 weeks ago
Increase more ADS channels for advertisement
Ayobami 3 weeks ago
It is a good move! Progressively, more advertisement is needed to ensure a huge promotion
Ayobami 3 weeks ago
Advertisement via all necessary and available social media platforms is needed for awareness
Manish 3 weeks ago
Just make comfortable to use
Tizkid._ Official 3 weeks ago
the best thing to do is to create a video about it
Raibrothers 3 weeks ago
Do a market research your project components and your target market, so that you can have a whole clear over view about how to move foward
yheng 3 weeks ago
share the link to Facebook group