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EnglishWhat car model is in this nice picture of Los Angeles?

Give me car model and year.

PANAGOT 4 weeks ago
  • Car

felicityspot 4 weeks ago Correct
dodge charger 1974 Se
Peter 4 weeks ago
Dodge charger 1970
Dionis Wilson 4 weeks ago
Dodge charger 1970.
Odaykh 4 weeks ago
Hey bro I found it by searching for the car number
It's Duster 340 plymouth 1971 here are links for the car pictures
PANAGOT 4 weeks ago
Oh you are right. ! Since inquiry is already closed, I will indirectly credit your account. Currently in talks with admin.
Odaykh 4 weeks ago
Thank you but be careful next time before choosing the correct answer
Odinaka Chukwu 4 weeks ago
Dodge charger 1970
Mary 4 weeks ago
Dodge charger 1974
Oguz 4 weeks ago
Dodge Charger 1971
bashiru12 3 weeks ago
Earlspencer 2 weeks ago
Dodge challenger 1974
BK1530 2 weeks ago
Dude Just Watch Fast and furious movie to know more about carzzz anyway this is Dodge charger 1974
ali najafi 2 days ago
dodge charger 1974 Se