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EnglishHi everyone , I'm a graphic designer , I want to suggest me some websites where i can present my design work and get hired in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Must have good ratings/reputation. graphic artist , illustrator , typographer

OSIRO89 1 month ago
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Akidiva Kevin 1 month ago Correct
Oyebola Ayomikun 1 month ago
Mohammed tarawa 1 month ago
Good friend, I am an interior designer, and I can accompany you
OSIRO89 1 month ago
In which way ? what do you mean ?
solomon fei 1 month ago
Please, I recommend the following sites to you.
#4. Crypto.Jobs
Thank you
F007 1 month ago
Nihat ŞİRİN 1 month ago
# 2.
Ahmed Ouertatani 1 month ago
Joh zeh 1 month ago
Tahubulat12 1 month ago
Odaykh 1 month ago is digital currency freelancer and employer job board which allows users to advertise skills in exchange for digital currency. Users can also advertise information about themselfs in order to gain leads for jobs in their field.
This is the best site you will find many jobs inside.
Ayush Pathak 1 month ago
There are many subbreddits out there that offer jobs for crypto. And Cryptogrind.
Ifeanyi Egbo 1 month ago
Hideouts needs an intelligent young man in their midst. They are really lacking a designer and someone that thats the skill you have. You will do well with. check them out and goodluck
Johndy Lavina 1 month ago
Hey Osiro,

Here's what I think is an ultimate list where you can find remote/online jobs:

The bottom part lists all websites that pay cryptocurrencies for completing projects, jobs, gigs, tasks, etc.

Hope you find what you're looking for and more power!
Rezwan 1 month ago
Great works!!
Thomas Raethel 1 month ago
There are multiple!
Shane 1 month ago
the best earth up to$750 per deal you will only get high offers if you are good at the job
OneLithiumIon 1 month ago, i think
Samuel Stalley 1 month ago
diarpi 1 month ago
Cryptogrind is very good
Mohammad Emal 1 month ago

Behance site owned by Adobe is one of the best and most reputable websites for sharing and displaying the works and designs of designers, studios and everything related to art. Behance site has also provided the possibility of generating income for its users and people can register their job application in this site. Users of this site can subscribe to this website for free and share their portfolios. In addition to fashion designers, this website provides graphic designers, photographers, and a platform for web designers to display their work and connect with other designers in the field.
Ahmad Lazuardi Alwan 1 month ago
Maybe template and fiverr
ujwal800 1 month ago
bro check out designcrowd this is a best place to get high return they pay in dollars but you could transfer it to any crypto you want
Sukrisna 1 month ago

Here sir
Özlem Aydın 1 month ago
Akshay 1 month ago
Braintrust is good company for graphic designer.
Thomas 1 month ago
Feevwr. Com
Asep2012 1 month ago
alty 1 month ago
why don't you create your own website where you present your work and find websites where you can advertise and include a link to your website? Then just include your preferred payment options on the websites? it will be easier to find websites to advertise and attract people to your site where you are I control of how you advertise yourself.
coogler627 1 month ago
I think pintrest is a good platform to discover projects and artists. I don't know how to specifically request BTC.
Avijit Sharma 1 month ago
See this website
Stephen 1 month ago
Bahle 1 month ago
somtochukwu 1 month ago
I suggest They are a very reputable crypto freelancer website especially in the united states. thank you.
Bitcoinoption 1 month ago
4. Crypto.Jobs
Ehtisham Hashim 1 month ago
Fiver and freelanceforcoin
Abhi 1 month ago
Tommy Borromeo 1 month ago
Hi, you can check these website for your work perusal.

Hope these websites be helpful to you.
Gig 1 month ago
Bitcoin Suisse is looking to hire a Graphic/Digital Designer to join their team. This is a full-time position that is based in Zug.
Bitcoin Suisse - Switzerland's leading crypto-financial service provider.
Kacper Wilgocki 1 month ago
Hi. I Recommend these sites:
eminet 1 month ago
i think this is good project to make good ficture
Bryan Hije 1 month ago
here are some website
Bryan Hije 1 month ago
here are some website
Carl Angelo Morte 1 month ago is a good website if you want to sell some of your graphic designs or graphic design services
priyank5729 1 month ago
Jeff Roland 1 month ago
Darryl 1 month ago
I recommend you:
Its a good site
You get paid when you finish the work
Darryl 1 month ago
I recommend you:
Its a good site
You get paid when you finish the work
regxifer 1 month ago
mareetaa 1 month ago
I welcome you, my dear friend, and I wish you lasting success in your business
Sheikh Haseeb 1 month ago
You can try these following websites..
Samreen 1 month ago
Crypto. Jobs will be the best option for you
wensmit18 1 month ago
graphic artist
Bruno Lobello Leonel 1 month ago
aws 1 month ago , lots opurtinity their.
Bill Max 1 month ago
We recommend the following sites: # 1. # 2. # 3. 4.Cristo.Jobs
Necking 1 month ago
# 2.
Amos Samuel 1 month ago
These are my suggestions. You can check them out.





Emrys 1 month ago
taluigi 1 month ago
I don't know if you are an pixel artist but you can surely make some good cover art for this Nano browser game:
Caglar 1 month ago
Best page ever everyhting you want
Vahid 1 month ago
Vahid 1 month ago
Oladejo oluwanifemi 1 month ago
Would advice you use and, since they are the only one i have tried before and it's pretty good
Muhammad Khan 1 month ago
There are many subbreddits out there that offer jobs for crypto.
Jan Kwetsi 1 month ago
I recommend these sites for
Shafiq Kamal 1 month ago
is the best.
sorena 1 month ago
anwar 1 month ago
in is the best one which I know
ECLOU Morel 1 month ago
lauradpost 1 month ago^112006522991&experiment_id=11128296874^^488987685535^graphic%20design%20website^e&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnKeCBhDPARIsAFDTLTKU_UCyNIzo1gBftCjBadPZEzHeBSgLAcLz5aWvxxD5IoZ7M8D2BcQaAvhtEALw_wcB
Amirul 1 month ago
nik 1 month ago