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EnglishHow much is this gold garnet bracelet worth?

Can you find me identical bracelet or the nearest to it for the best price valuation. MAS 1/5 9CT STG.SIL It is light.

kiwi 1 month ago
  • Garnet
  • Stone
  • Bracelet
  • Jewelry

Bonky 1 month ago
We need to have more information like what's it made of? Gold? How many carats? What is the weight of the bracelet? So on.
kiwi 1 month ago
You're right. Some more info. 1/5 9CT STG.SIL It is light not heavy at all.
Nut 1 month ago
Gold is valued generally as scrap. Bottom line is you may get more.

You need the weight of it in grams ideally to figure fire the value, at present prices you will be looking at $18/gram in scrap values.
Shakhriyor 1 month ago
If it's gold more than 50
Esma 1 month ago
Hi, found something on ebay. Check this link:
I guess the price should be around 90-100 USD
Sumeyye 1 month ago
Sumeyye 1 month ago
Belen 1 month ago
Sumeyye 1 month ago
solomon fei 1 month ago
Please it worth 100- 500$
Thank u
Sumeyye 1 month ago;jsessionid=ZaNG5s_3ju25oxY_85HoqKz_9NvjtGjbb4d_nraO.tfg-prd-com-107()
kimo2 1 month ago Correct
Take a look at this:
It looks very similar to your bangle, it's also made of sterling silver as yours, but without a layer of 9 carat gold. Google says the price was 337 pounds sterling (= 470 USD).
kiwi 1 month ago
It is almost the same. Well done.
atakan 1 month ago
ı think ts worth 60 to 100 $
Miss Mike 1 month ago
It seems to be made by the Indian company MAS possibly for Victoria's Secret in sterling silver overlaid with 9 CT gold. 10 CT is an American weight. Therefore it is not made to American Standard weights in precious metals. The garnets are small so I have no idea the carat total weight. From the look it seems to be approximately $450 to $700 retail. And as a vintage piece possibly up to $1200 at auction or replace for insurance purposes.
Jonas 1 month ago
I think you should sell for us US$ 80.00
Jonas 1 month ago
bracelet with wind rose
i found similars
Amir Haratian 1 month ago
if it have a code
$750 $890
Wisdom 1 month ago
$100 to $150
priyank5729 1 month ago