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EnglishUse of social media as an advertisement.

Hello everyone,<br /> I want to publish my business and gain some internet stardom. But i don't have the slightest idea how to use social media. <br /> I noticed that some famous people are using professional photographs on their instagram and the descriptions they depict are more intellectual than a scholar. And i 've seen those people on interviews and they can hardly spell their names. <br /> My question is are there companies that take care of your social media and publish you properly with a high rate of success?

Zeus 8 years ago

yanktidecdt 8 years ago Correct
Yes! Attached is a link to a very insightful article of the top Social Media Marketing companies out there. This comparison shows reviews of the top 10 companies they deem to be the best, along with what to look out for.

Zeus 8 years ago
Thx for the multiple options
Chris Babineau 8 years ago
Of course there are, one of the longest standing being "Ignite Social media" since 2007. They have tried and tested measures for promoting any person/business/brand/product you can think of.

I hope this answers your question, but without further information on what it is exactly you are looking for to be "socially promoted", this is all I can offer you.

Zeus 8 years ago
Thx Chris for the info
Ibitoyei 8 years ago
Use an Internet Advertising Platform, eg. doubleclick, for more
Zeus 8 years ago
I checked it not such a good option
TBZ1 8 years ago
Binary question/answer? Yes.

But I run into a lot of impersonator IGs when the person being impersonated has their own account separately. If what you're seeing is people's legit accounts, I would lean more towards "everybody loves a clown" (which is why they are like that live only, and it doesn't work as well on IG) and/or their talent agent/PR rep/manager/photographer in their entourage helps out.
anne 8 years ago
Yes, you can use social sites to advertise such as facebook and instagram. You can also use websites for advertising.