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EnglishLooking for additional data on today's BTC sell off.

A BTC whale sold 2,700 BTC which brought the market cap from 1.08 trillion down to 870 billion dollars. Perhaps a financial institution liquidated. Can you find me additional information about whales that sold and brought the price even lower, bots or retail noobs. large BTC movements to exchanges.... Dates raging from 21rd of February to 23rd of February.

serenity75 3 days ago
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mikah 3 days ago
Several factors seem to have triggered the latest bitcoin sell-off: the unwinding of leverage, especially in Asia; concerns that fewer buyers are coming into the market; and uncertainty about policies on cryptocurrencies from newly inaugurated President Joe Biden's administration, according to analysts and traders.
dee 3 days ago
Oleh 3 days ago
fered dered 3 days ago
Cryptokits bought bitcoin through the Coinbase exchange in the amount of $1 billion. At least this is hinted at by the Whale Alert bot notifications and it's chain-traces of transactions.

Over the past Sunday, February 21, unknown hits have withdrawn more than 17 thousand bitcoins (more than $1 billion) from the spot wallets of the exchange. The first major transaction was recorded at 07: 04 am Moscow time. Then Whale Alert reported the withdrawal of 4501 BTC (~$254 million) from Coinbase.
However, the mass withdrawal of bitcoin from the exchange began later. From 18:00 to 20:00 Moscow time, Whale Alert began to systematically report BTC withdrawals from the exchange for an average amount of ~370 BTC. Thus, the whales brought out a total of 17,705 BTC.

Bitcoin is preparing for a breakthrough
According to the blockchain indicators, almost all "small" transactions (350-375 BTC) were intermediary. Finally, all the bitcoins were deposited on the wallet with the address 3 Kzh.

Who exactly is behind the purchase of such a large amount of bitcoin remains unknown.
Unidentified cryptocurrency transactions are on the rise since the start of 2021. Finance Magnates reported about several crypto transfers involving Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Ethereum-related unknown crypto transactions have accelerated in the last few weeks. Whale Alert reported a transaction earlier today involving the movement of 38,714 ETH worth more than $67 million to an unknown wallet. Ethereum’s significant price jump played a major role in the recent movements as the price of ETH jumped from $750 to above $1,800 within the first 6 weeks of 2021. Grayscale accumulated 21,936 ETH in the last 24 hours. The crypto asset manager now has 3.07 million Ethereum under management with a total value of more than $5.3 billion. The company has $35 billion worth of digital assets under management.

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trendingtm 2 days ago
I hope this helps
Prince 2 days ago
Bitcoin, BTC to USD, fell by 0.16% on Saturday. Following an 8.34% rally on Friday, Bitcoin ended the day at $55,777.0.

A mixed start to the day saw Bitcoin rise to an early morning high and a new swing hi $56,444.0 before hitting reverse.

Falling short of the first major resistance level at $57,887, Bitcoin fell to a late morning low $55,050.0.
Sadam Yaseen 1 day ago
You have to keep it going until it reaches 60000 dollars
Ali Hamza 1 day ago
From this link you can easily find the answer of your question
Michael Scott 23 hours ago
MAny finacial intitutuions and companies are buying it and losing money tesla
Felix 21 hours ago
Uncertainty about policies on cryptocurrencies from newly inaugurated President Joe Biden's administration, according to analysts and traders.
lave 13 minutes ago
ok no way how big is the whale
lave 13 minutes ago
ok no way how big is the whale