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EnglishLooking for an identical dress like this one with small polkadots.

This one has worn out and the colors have faded. Please suggest me a similar style as I really liked it. As nearest as possible with the belt. Thank you

kiwi 2 months ago
  • Dress

qubit 2 months ago
Midila 2 months ago
Hi! You can look this dress, I thing is beautibul and similar to yours Hope you like it!
kimo2 2 months ago Correct
kiwi 2 months ago
Thank you for your answer. Yours was the closest.
Leykun Mekonnen 2 months ago
Dear , i will suggest you search that on ali express since it is the most biggest market for buy anything or try to make a reverse google image search and you will find similar items.
thaicongminh 2 months ago
LOVE THAT DRESS, actually my opinion Amazon, Ebay will help you alot But Instagram or Facebook for searching some local brand also helpful for it. Best regards,
Akhil 2 months ago
Madam, that this shows how beautiful you are so try to buy the same model drees but with some colour change and some designs in bottom and with a belt
Miss Mike 2 months ago
The fabric is called 'Swiss dot' and is a lawn or Baptist cotton traditionally used for bassinet and baby layettes as well as for christening gowns. It makes lovely blouses and dresses, too. You may start by looking on the website 'etsy'. I have also seen on English and american fabric houses, possibly French and Swiss. Very lovely.
issame96 2 months ago
Hello , I can suggest you this korean dress that I think it will suit you beautifully. You can buy it from this store with free shipping
yubaraj Magar 2 months ago
Hi! You can look at this dress, which I think is beautiful and similar to yours Hope you like it!
hüseyin 2 months ago
LastREAPER 2 months ago
bernan kartal 2 months ago i think
dictator 2 months ago
Lenin Cupido 2 months ago
hi...i late but same is here:

But i tell you better in black...just my opinion
mohammadreza 2 months ago
i think i found it
endrorockent 2 months ago
i can suggest the summer dress autumn
Goran 2 months ago,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
dadalmq 2 months ago
Adjovi AGBOGBO Rudy 2 months ago
Daniela 2 months ago
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Daniela 2 months ago
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behzad 2 months ago
Daniela 2 months ago
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Isaac 2 months ago
I'll suggest you go to or Ebay as well as Shopify there you'll find stunning designs you'll love
Claudia Torres 2 months ago
Mahmut ismail türkdönmez 2 months ago
This is the literally same dress. Send my coin bro.
Andrew Festus 2 months ago
yeah why not try checking for clothes
baby dee 1 month ago
Lordgate 2 weeks ago
If you use an Android phone, use the "Google Lens"..or betterstill use "Pinterest"