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EnglishHow can o earn more nano?

Hello im raymond from Philippines how can I earn more nano token.. i see is have potential to go up after a month.. thank you

RAYMOND TOCA 2 months ago
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Sudhansu Sekhar Muduli 2 months ago Correct
Your best bet for earning Nano is by using a faucet. While today's Nano coin faucets don't give nearly as much Nano as the original Nano coin faucet, you can still receive a bit of Nano to experiment with. A few different Nano faucets you can try include the following:
Sergey 2 months ago
Самая лучшая возможность получить много нано это перейти по ссылке зайти в раздел смотри и учись по английскому watch & learn
Просто просматривая рекламу на прямой кошелёк получаешь бесплатный нано
в размере где то за один круг 0.00022 в зависимости от курса монеты
Так же в разделе faucet можно получать монеты бесплатно ссылка на бесплатный нано nano_1k5maptii6iuo3wqfrsf589tmgihnronbuzwd5xb1k488oysiju9oiqzjks6
Rafael Gomes 2 months ago
buy from a broker. but you can also win in apps like Wenano and Tipnano.
Motayo 2 months ago
Bitfortip is a mojor tool for earning nano crypto and many other nano crypto currency free earning site
Saheed rasheed 2 months ago
How to earn nano from bitfortip
shazia Hussain 1 month ago
Hi you need to answer questions if your answer is approved then you receive nano
Saheed rasheed 2 months ago
How to earn nano from bitfortip
Mouad 2 months ago
check here