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EnglishHow private keys stay safe with online wallets?

On Bitcoin (Cash) the real Bitcoin! I have the .dat file where all public and private keys are derived from. How online wallets can send funds? Do we << rent / borrow >> their synchronized node? Do they receive my Private keys in some kind of hash format that they can only say === true : sent ? false Please explain.

hankiepankie 1 month ago
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solomon fei 1 month ago
If I may get u or understand u? You said, you have the (data file) where all private and public keys are derived from. Meaning where the keys are generated from randomly and not the ones the network or system had already generated to be executed at a particular time. So, it's either the online wallet network or system has a backup it can use to confirm sending and receiving of funds or it doesn't work at all. For example, u travelled and left your door keys to your next neighbor for some holidays leaving some spare ones with u in some corner of your brief case, now u are back from your trip seeing that your neighbor u left your keys with has also travelled on an emergency base forgetting he/she have to also leave your keys behind in a protective and private way before going. I don't think u have to stand still waiting for your neighbor to come before entering your room since u also took a smart step in keeping some spare keys with u before traveling. Also, note that (public and private keys) are what allows a user to be able to access hi/her cryptocurrency. Without them a user can't send or receive money not neither check amount in wallet. Thank u
hankiepankie 1 month ago
Take a smartphone wallet where it gives you a 12-24 seed word.
How can we send funds through their wallet? We use their synchronized node? Right?
When sending a tx to they safely hash my private keys?
solomon fei 1 month ago Correct
Yes please, they safely hash it so that no third party can view it content or negatively do something to the transaction. Thank you
Kevin Gulbo 1 week ago
One of the common ways to keep your private keys safe is by generating and printing a paper wallet. This cold wallet storage is immutable to cyber-attacks, but it also puts a lot of value (and future potential value) into something that cannot be recovered if it is lost.2 Mar 2018