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EnglishWhich exchange has the lowest Ethereum withdrawal fees for ERC20 tokens?

I've been looking to fund my personal Eth wallet with some ETH tokens but the withdrawal fees are way off. Some exchanges are asking $20-$50 in ERC20 equivalent. Got any good recommendation for a crypto exchange that doesn't charge a kidney for a erc20 withdrawal? Thanks

chpoa19 2 months ago
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Yash Attal 2 months ago
There are 3 exchanges where the withdrawl of ETH is for free. The 3 exchanges are: -
1) Coinbase Pro

Gemini takes about $1.8 and CoinFalcon takes $3.5
chpoa19 2 months ago
For ethereum ERC20 tokens? Are you sure?
Trevor Perreault 2 months ago
This is a great question, since ETH is in desperation mode for it's need to be scaled. What I have been doing (while in the US) is converting my token to something cheap to transact (like LTC or EOS). It all really comes down to these gas fees, since most reputable exchanges don't charge more than around .2%. I'm not so sure on the exact exchange that has the lowest fees, but I do know that binance is cheaper than coinbase to use. With so many limitations on exchanges her in the US, these are sadly the limitations we are pretty much left with and not even binance, but
SiNaN 2 months ago
localbitcoins. buy then exchange to eth in coinbase
chpoa19 2 months ago
Read my question again.
qwerty878 2 months ago
Hello chpoa19,

Right now ETH network is expensive, that's why centralized exchange costs so much to withdraw.
Any trx will cost you money.
I don't know (and don't need to know),why you want to move it to a descentralize exchange. But here are some options you have.
1) If you want it for fiat money, you can use escrow.
2) If you want it to change it to any other ERC20 token/cryptocurrency, you will need to check which ones are supported in centralized exchanges.
3) If you are going to use it for trading, you will need to see which functions each exchange has (most of traders I know use Binance).
4) If you just want to move your ether around, I will wait until gas is cheaper. You could check it out here:

In etherscan you could also view gas costs of using Descentralized exchange (like Uniswap),which I recommend.

Have a nice day!
Official_Kvng_Oracle 2 months ago
Here are 3 exchanges sites where the withdrawal of ETH is free.The 3 exchanges sites are: -
1)Change NOW
3)Coinbase Pro
Burak 2 months ago
Generally, there is a high cost in cashing in all wallets.
Jon-Ryan Treadway 2 months ago
I found Kucoin to be the best sofar
Aman 2 months ago
It is not really true at the moment that you can pay fees in anything except ETH, although there is some discussion about changing this. The way things normally work, you have to pay the fee in ETH.
Samaa 2 months ago
Change now is free
shakepay is free with minimum withdrawal amount of 172.39$
Gemini 1.72$
Coinbase Pro is free
Thanos 2 months ago
Check yobit it has also minimum fee for withdrawal.
Kalim AR 2 months ago
Binance has lowered BTC, ETH and ERC20 token withdrawal fees to provide a better service offering for our users, as below:

BTC withdrawal fees have been lowered to 0.0004 BTC, from 0.0005 BTC previously.
ETH withdrawal fees have been lowered to 0.003 ETH, from 0.01 ETH previously.
ERC20 token withdrawal fees have also been lowered and the full list can be found here: Withdrawal Fee Schedule.
Please note: Binance will continue to periodically adjust withdrawal fees based on the performance and status of each blockchain network.
Kushington 2 months ago
Change now has free withdrawal oneth at the moment and coin do is down 25%
Odaykh 2 months ago
2 options of crypto exchange platforms that will take away the least amount of money from your transactions.
1- this is the best site on the web with more than 100 different cryptocurrencies available to trade up to %0.1 in fees
2- Kraken is a very well known crypto asset trading platform that has built itself a long lasting reputation of being both reliable, and offering its users some surprisingly good fees.
Betül 2 months ago
binomo? the average wage could be around 17.67$
exsemkid 2 months ago
Got no good recommendations yet for that
sujeewak 2 months ago
Houbi Pro
withdraw fee 0.007 ETH
Kledi 2 months ago
1) Binance up 0.1% in fees.
2) Kraken from 0% to 0.26%
3) from 0% top 0.25% in fees
EXBUY 2 months ago
binance, but now gas is very high . you can use binance smart chain or tron for small fees dude.
Amir 2 months ago
Hello et exchange erc20 only 3wallet is good . 1coingram 2 blockchain.3 eidoo is good try go chek site
fered dered 2 months ago Correct
Today I will tell you how to reduce commission costs to a minimum using the Loopring app.
1. Go to and connect the MetaMask wallet or any other wallet that supports WalletConnect.

2. Now you need to move the necessary assets on from the main Ethereum chain to L2. To do this, click on the only active button Deposit to Activate Layer-2

A new window opens with a warning that

Loopring is not a custodial exchange and you do not transfer control over your assets to it. You can withdraw them back to the mainchain at any time.

You will also need to choose which asset you want to transfer to Loopring. There is not such a wide selection of exotic tokens as on Uniswap, but there is ETH, WBTC, USDT, DAI, YFI and several other high — quality assets, including the DeFi index from DeFi Pulse-DPI. For regular purchases, there is everything you need.

Before you initiate a deposit, go to and check the current gas prices. If they are too high, you should wait until the price for a quick transfer (Fast value) drops to at least 50-55 gwei.

Don't forget to set the correct gas price in MetaMask.

The ETH deposit takes place in a single transaction. The ERC-20 token deposit is carried out in two transactions. The first is a transfer permit, and the second is the transfer itself.

After 18 confirmations, the funds will be displayed on your L2 balance.

3. After the deposit is credited, the text of the single button on the screen will change to Unlock. You need to click it and then your wallet will ask you to sign two permissions to interact with assets. Signatures do not require the cost of gas.

4. After that, you can freely conduct an unlimited number of exchanges for 0.1% of what you would have to pay in the main network. Exchanging DAI for ETH cost me 9 cents, for example. Just select the desired pair, for example, LINK/ETH. Set the desired volume and click Swap. That is all. The exchange happened faster than you could blink.

5. When you want to return the assets to the main network, go to the Account tab. There, select the desired token and click Withdraw.
chpoa19 2 months ago
This is nice. I believe not very well known. Thanks. Eth needs scaling big time.
adil 2 months ago
Try Coinbase. I am using coinbase though it is a bit slow but it works.
tofil 2 months ago
Agree with you
jeffro84 2 months ago
coinbase offers excellent rates and are very easy to use
Deniz Riyhen 2 months ago
ETH'nin geri çekilmesinin ücretsiz olduğu 3 borsa var. 3 borsa şunlardır: -
1) Coinbase Pro
2) ChangeNOW
3) Shakepay
Deniz Riyhen 2 months ago
ETH'nin geri çekilmesinin ücretsiz olduğu 3 borsa var. 3 borsa şunlardır: -
1) Coinbase Pro
2) ChangeNOW
3) Shakepay
fouedsouid 2 months ago
coinbase is my favorite
go and check it
Dianne Marie 2 months ago
I am not really a pro at this but I have read a news regarding Binance on lowering their withdrawal fee in BTC, ETH and ERC20 token
muhcan 2 months ago
coinbase,change bay ,
tofil 2 months ago
Change bay or change now?
muhcan 2 months ago
shake pay ,change now,coinbase pro
gaone 2 months ago
Open the play store, download Coinbase. I used it last week it works but it's good and perfect for BCH
priyank5729 2 months ago
get free btc :-